Understanding the Somare vision – Integral human development, liberation and fulfillment

We do not take development to be synonymous with material progress.  For us the only authentic development is integral human development.  This means that we use the term development to mean nothing less than the unending process of improvement of every man and woman as a whole person.  We take our stand on the dignity and worth of each Papua New Guinean man, woman and child.  In effect, this means that integral human development must reach out to and enrich Papua New Guineans in every part of the country.

15.       All Papua New Guineans have an inalienable right to liberation and fulfilment through this process of development.  This right does not depend on our Constitution.  The Constitution is merely restating the right and explicitly confirming it.

16.       No particular area or grouping of people should be developed at the expense of another, materially or in other ways.  There should always be an equitable distribution and balanced sharing of all the benefits and opportunities the national has to offer.  For this type of development to come into being, it is necessary for such conditions to be created and to obtain throughout the nation at all times as to be conducive to that development.

17.       These conditions can only be brought about when the running of the country is in the hands of Papua New Guineans who cherish a genuine respect for the traditions of our country, and our people; who can distinguish those features of the peoples’ traditions that should be retained from those that should be allowed to lapse; and who know how to discern what is good in what other nations and people have to offer to Papua New Guineans.

18.       The best judges, therefore, of what contributes to the full human well-being of the people of Papua New Guinea are to be found among Papua New Guineans themselves.  In probably no other matter is self-reliance more necessary.  The Government will always have its proper and key role to play in helping to create the conditions in which Papua New Guineans can thrive and enthusiastically pursue their own full human development.

19.       By tradition, Papua New Guineans are a spiritual people.  This fundamental tradition must always be respected and given the conditions of freedom to develop and to be enriched.  Closely tied with the spiritual and religious features of Papua New Guinea’s traditions are the cultural elements of the nation.  Here we are in touch with the spirit of the people, with their roots and with their authentic creative genius, the nurture of which will ensure our true national identity.

20.       The social aspects of the life and progress of the people draw attention to how rich and deep is the meaning we give development.

21.       Our National Goals and Directive Principles are intended to provide guidance for the full development of our people.  People are the common denominators of progress, improvement and development.  This is why all social, political, cultural, religious and economic activity should be directed towards the personal liberation and fulfilment of every citizen.

22.       Although social progress is not synonymous with economic progress, economic development has meaning insofar as it promotes the well-being of the people in many of the important aspects of their lives as members of a community.

23.       Without political development of the people of Papua New Guinea, the genuine progress of the nation will be seriously hindered.  What is at stake is human freedom.  One main key to political progress is the increasing participation of Papua New Guineans at all levels of political activity.  This promotes human responsibility and enhances personal dignity as well as helping to safeguard personal freedom.

24.       Acceptance of equality among Papua New Guineans with their active participation in the affairs of the nation will mean a substantial contribution to integral human development.

This is taken from the National Goals and Directive Principles written in 1973

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