Understanding the Somare vision – Education

25.       We are concerned by the way in which in the past development and modern institutions have alienated our people from one another.  Our schools have tended to make children strangers to their parents and their villages.  Universities have furthered this process of alienation.  At least until recently the whole education process was leading towards social stratification, increased difficulty in communication among members of a single social group, and a decline in the level of tolerance and inter-personal respect among our people.

26.       To reverse this process of alienation is not an easy matter.  We acknowledge this.  The present government has begun the task, but it is one of great magnitude and will involve constant effort for real change to be achieved.

27.       Education should be based on and should promote dialogue and co-operation.  It should foster integral human development and tolerance among our people, awaken their social conscience, their awareness of the essential dignity of man, and their appreciation of the need to stand up for their rights, both as members of the community and as individuals, in the face of pressures from foreign interests and arbitrary government.  It should help to develop a spirit of solidarity of one with another, and an appreciation of our inter-dependence.

28.       We cannot build a democratic, just society unless our children’s education and all educational institutions are geared to achieving these objectives.

Taken from the National Goals and Directive Principles written in 1973

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