A list of Sir Michael Somare’s Honorary Doctorate Degrees

  • 1976 – University of Philippines, Honorary Doctorate of Humanities

  • 1978 – Honorary Doctorate, University of Fiji

  • 1979 – Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Australian National University (ANU)

  • 1982 – Honorary Doctorate, University of Technology, Lae

  • 1985 – Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Papua New Guinea

  • 1991 – Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University of Wollongong, Australia

  • 2005 – Honorary Doctorate in recognition of leadership in Pacific affairs for the past 30 years, University of New Caledonia

  • 2006 – Honorary Doctorate for Leadership and long representation in politics, Tokyo International University

  • 2011 – Honorary Doctorate for outstanding support and contribution towards the development of the university. Divine Word University Madang (DWU)

9 comments on “A list of Sir Michael Somare’s Honorary Doctorate Degrees

  1. Great achievement for a PNGean


  2. I thought GC was awarded a Honory Doctorate at DWU in 2009 or 2010. Please check it out.


  3. Martin Xavier

    A great achievement from a man with a humble personality.

    A Legend, our founding father.


  4. Raphael Yambune

    A great papa……. leaving now with…… a shore too large to be fitted, a hole too large to be filled.

    incomparable to his era with examplary life virtues for current trend of leaders to take heed of….. A friend too many and an enemy to none….

    Thank you Papa Grand Chief of chiefs MT SOMARE for setting me a path thus far…. Rest isi tasol, with heartfelt tears……


  5. Bruce Ningakun

    A great achievement unparalleled in PNG.


  6. What an achievement. As the saying goes, Education dose not stops. Many are hearers only, but Grand Chief Michael T Somare was the doers of the statement. Something us the young generations should be looking of and study towards. Thank you scoff Waide for sharing. Just learn this after his death, RIP Papa blo one counctry#PNG.


  7. That’s a great achievement for a man who served his country with integrity and loyalty.


  8. Gareth Kobua

    What a man! Thank God for gifting PNG with GGC.

    If we all could have the same kind of mindset, dreams and asperation Papa MTS had for our country.


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