Open letter to PM, James Marape: I want preferential treatment for our people

Dear Prime Minister,

Our government has to admit the fact that there is a glaring imbalance between Papua New Guinean  and foreign ownership of businesses.  We own very little in our country.

The retail, wholesale and real estate in our towns and cities are controlled by Chinese interests. We own almost nothing in the logging industry. It is, as we all know, controlled by Malaysian interests.

There is an increasing  push by (new) Chinese business owners who are  buying up National Housing Corporation (NHC)  properties and forcing out Papua New Guineans – YOUR people – on to the streets. 

There is no strong legislation that prevents 100 percent foreign ownership of property and land.  We need those laws in place now. We need the political will to do it. Now.

The justice system can’t protect our people. They don’t have the money to fight long protracted legal battles… …and the syndicate – yes, syndicates – know this and they take advantage of it.

Recently, local people along the North Coast of Madang protested against a sand mining proposal.  The people associated with the sand mining company  have also evicted families from NHC properties in Madang.  It is no secret. It was reported by the media.

Take Back PNG must not remain a political slogan for elections. The people must live it.

I am calling for legislation that protects the social and economic rights of our people. I want lower taxes (or no taxes at all) for struggling SMEs. Give them tax holidays like the government did for RD Tuna and the petroleum sector. Give them REAL financing. Not a figure on paper they can’t access.

We want shop spaces in the center of our towns and cities.  Give it to us. This is our country. We want what is ours.  If the laws don’t allow it. Change the laws to suit our people’s needs. We cannot continue to exist on the fringes of a large Pacific economy that boasts a ‘healthy’ GDP yet cannot show it in the impact on the lives of our people.

Tax the alcohol companies. They contribute to the widespread abuse and the violence associated with it. Our society is not mature enough to allow the widespread consumption of alcohol. Tax the cigarette companies. Make them all pay for the ill health of our people. We are not taking back PNG by allowing these cancers to continue untreated. We are in fact, selling off PNG’s future.

Reduce the cost of medical treatment at the private clinics and hospitals. Reduce the cost of dental care. It’s UNAFFORDABLE. How can a papa or mama in the village afford K500 for a tooth extraction.

Dear PM,

Give your people the means to look after themselves. Give your people the means to pay for their children’s education so they don’t become enslaved by politicians who peddle election policies that don’t really serve our people.

We don’t want to be dependant on government. We want to make our own money. Wealth in the hand of its people is real wealth.

We demand preferential treatment for US.

Our resources. Our Country. We deserve more.  

12 comments on “Open letter to PM, James Marape: I want preferential treatment for our people

  1. Naweo Titus

    Very true. Well said.


  2. Lesley Mark

    Well written. Bravado.


    • Similar calls made every year and we have blind and deaf MPs who are oblivious to the nation’s predicaments as listed in the article. Do we need a nationwide protest to make them do the right thing!???.


    • McKenzie Gangasiba

      Yes, let us make a nationwide protest, I do support it..


  3. Peter Waka

    Fully support


  4. Time has come to realign ourselves to where we will find help to support our children for their School fees and their daily needs. I am so sad by the way politicians treat their own voters. There is no practical tangible way to make individual Papua New Guineans to become self sustaining and self determination.
    That’s why we are now doing things own our own to break Camp and do things for our children to benefit.
    And even thinking seriously to change even our Governmental Alliances.
    If we have suffered for 45 years we will suffer for another 45 years.
    Year in year out same old corruption and we are sick and tired of following such Governments. If people are living in pain and suffering under such Governments why should we keep on staying under their leadership. For what good reasons nothing at all.


  5. The businesses in Papua New Guinea should be owned by Papua New Guineans and minority should be allocated to foreigners. The Papua New Guinea human resource is undermined by foreigners. How can family survive with K280.00 a fortnightly. The Prime Minister must answer this questions. How can our children survive, life is very miserable and painful when their needs are not meet. The Government must increase all salaries to K1000.00 the starting salary.
    If I become the Prime Minister that’s what I’ll do first. People are very important to God.


  6. The call is really timely and genuine where all natural citizens must support for public protest to the Prime Minister to give to its people what is due for them.We can’t being spectators on our own land ,we should own property, shops and businesses.Our government need to find small sme start up.


  7. Janet Jee

    Dear Mr Prime Minister. I have a few comments I,d like to share in this column what is happening here in New Ireland.
    1. All logging operations operated and
    run by Malaysian tycoons
    2. All shops are run by Chinese, should be localised
    3. Counterfeit products sold at lower price to lure unsuspecting customers and outdated products.
    4. Pls, help SMEs to obtain loan at an affordable rate with reasonable criteria.
    Take back PNG..


  8. Aaron Peter

    Well stated.

    Control the influx of foreign own businesses. THE businesses that WE can own but our government is really finding very difficult to create a conducive environment for a PNGean to own and operate one (unrealistic paper SME support).

    Interestingly these foreigners are using their money power to buy into all our opportunities and destroy our rights. These are definite signs of syndicates well established in the core of this country(government officials & people in power might be part of)

    PM JM, please look closely into these REAL things that are happening everywhere everyday. Your people are suffering. NOW please act.


  9. A very well thought out facts


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