A Boy and a Dog

Please follow Sipik Riva Woman. A blog by a resident medical officer in Papua New Guinea who owns a dog called Tommy. Great blog.


Sipikriva Girl

By Emmanuel Baladi

In the year 1996, in a rainforested nation, in a city where the rain never stopped falling a boy lived with his dog. The city received a lot of rain and was called Lae. But people had taken to calling it different names: the Second, PotholeCity, Wopa Land, and the Cement City. How these names came about is a story for another day.

The boy, christened Emmanuel at birth had in turn christened her girl dog Blacky when he came into ownership of the dog.

Emmanuel lived with his parents and two older sisters, Anne Marry and Eve . The family lived in a suburb not far removed from the central business district.

As is the case with some children and their dogs, Emmanuel and Blacky were the of best friends. People loved to see the little boy and his black dog…

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