My Love – Natugu, a book you MUST read by Evah Kuamin about her daughter

Evah writes: “Hi olgeta, this is an excerpt from my unpublished book. I am seeking sponsors to help me publish the book and spread the message about “Children with special needs”. If you can or know anyone who can be able to assist me, please let me know.”


“When everything is going well and then suddenly, life decides to take a toll on you. You lose your footing, your mind and all hell breaks loose.

The worst, is the pain a mother feels seeing her own child succumb to illness and suffer. For me, it came unexpectedly. I didn’t have anyone in my family both my paternal and maternal, who had had been diagnosed with such a disease. But if anything, back then I was at a loss and all I could think of was my daughter getting better.

She needed a MIRACLE – and desperately.

In 2015, my once bubbly, talkative and cheerful six-year old daughter Sarah, suddenly fell ill to TB Meningitis. She was hospitalized for three months at Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae, Morobe Province. It was the most traumatic year of my life. Depressing, most stressful yet challenging.

My faith in GOD was tested beyond heavenly boundaries. I struggled to keep my hopes up and even searched to find the courage and strength to keep my little gem happy.

I don’t know how or why my Sarah caught the disease, yet I feel maybe I am to blame for her condition.

It breaks me because I can’t bear to see her the way she is now. By the awesome grace of God, I have come to accept her for who she is. And despite the fact that I miss her normal self, her chats with me and her sister, her grumbles, her laughter, her voice and her bubbly, cheery self.

I am learning to build and help her heal. If you were to see my Sarah today, it would be hard for you to believe that I almost lost her five years ago. Sarah hit a low 9kg was all skin and bones. She was placed on a nasogastric (NGT) feeding tube.

This is a medical process involving the insertion of a plastic tube, past the throat and down into the stomach to aid the patient in feeding.Since then Sarah has lost all her ability to sit walk, talk and be normal.

I am grateful to God for each day that I live to be with Sarah. I am happy that I have her, and regardless of how she is now, I choose to be happy. I have done all I can for her and I will still continue to do more at the least, be who I am to her – a MOTHER.

This year 2020, Sarah turned 12 years old and in the coming year, she will be a teenager.

‘My Love –NATUGU’ is the story of my journey as a mother throughout the years of my daughter’s suffering and healing. It gives a word of encouragement and hope to those people who share similar struggles to mine.

It is about being strong, about beating the odds, to keep persisting, to keep hoping and to remain in FAITH. May you always view life with LOVE, COURAGE and HOPE.

1 comment on “My Love – Natugu, a book you MUST read by Evah Kuamin about her daughter

  1. Veronica K Cholai

    I cried reading your story (Ruth Kaupa). We may not know the feeling to actually be involved in trying to save a friend/sister’s life but one thing for sure I know the feeling is to lose a friend or a loved one is heart breaking.. we get all the mixed feeling that we can’t deal with but we need to be reminded to be calm,to stay focus and positive. Turn this guilt into positive vibe to help you carry on with what need to be accomplished in this situation. Please do not give up let your experience draw new horizons to continue her legacy or path to help other PNGuineans…Sorry true.


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