Archbishop, Anton Bal: 4000 grade 8 students pushed out of the system every year in Madang

The Catholic Diocese of Madang is wants to build  two more high school in Madang to cater for  the high number of  grade eight drop outs from upper primary schools.

According to figures  provided by the Catholic Education Services, up to 4000 students in Madang  are pushed out of the education system every year because there are only 2900 spaces grade nine spaces

The Catholic Church says building another high school in Madang town will  ease the load on Tusbab secondary which currently has an average class size of between 80 and 100 students to a teacher.

If new schools aren’t built within the next 12 months,  primary school kids will be confronted  with the same challenge that others in grade  eight have gone through. 

In 2019,  8000 students sat for the  grade 8 examinations.  While 4000 were  eligible to continue, high schools  in Madang  could  only accommodate 3000. The rest were went home.  

“I have been to many places in Madang and I see young girls carrying young children. You think it’s their sisters or brothers. No. They’re carrying their kids. And the boys are on the streets. It’s a time bomb,” says Archbishop of Madang, Anton Bal.  

Since 2013, 30,000 children have been unable to continue on to grade 9.  Many of them return home and add to the social problems that Madang is heavily burdened with.

Catholic Archbishop Anton Bal, says the dangerous trend cannot continue.

The Archdiocese of Madang church says it wants to build a high school on recreational land next to the church grounds. It’s come under fire from various parties.  There is also a claim on it, the applicant wanted to build a casino.

Archbishop Bal says, it doesn’t matter who owns the proposed institution. Fact is, Madang town needs a high school to fix the ever increasing drop out problem.

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