Last week’s review of political developments in PNG

Straight  off the back of an attempt to take over of government and as the legalities over the adjourning of parliament were  still being debated, Parliament speaker, Job Pomat came into the picture declaring that the adjournment a few days ago was wrong.

Basically Pomat said the  call to adjourn parliament should have been made by Minister and not the Opposition leader. 

Pomat recalled parliament while the opposition camp with a sizable chunk of the house still in Vanimo.

Just next door at the courts, there was a flurry of activity.  

Former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, tried to challenge the reconvening of parliament.  He  was told to have the refile the application and have the case heard at a later date in the supreme court.

O’Neill’s argument is that the speaker had no right to override an adjournment passed by majority of MPs.

As journalists in Port Moresby awaited the usual budget lock up where the  expenditures  are explained Government MPs walked into the chamber and Treasurer Ling-Stuckey presented the 2021 budget to a half empty house.  

The turn of events left many observers confused whether the government was going to pass   next year’s money plan with just a third of the house present. Peter O’Neill’s view on the whole matter?  Even the passing of the budget with more than 60 MPs in Vanimo was a total abuse of parliamentary process.

Inside Parliament, Treasurer Ling-Stuckey,  dedicated five pages of the budget speech  to what he called shameful politics of the opposition and government defectors.  Tossing colorful  words on the floor,  he labeled the opposition as terrorists and described the move as a blatant and illegal grab for  power on the eve of the budget session.

Government MPs present in Parliament  voted to adjourn parliament to April next year.  The Opposition camp meanwhile, is mustering its numbers as more MPs travel into  the border town.

Those  numbers will be tested on the floor.

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