Nangoi: No sand mining in Sumgilbar LLG

Chris Nangoi, Sumkar MP

The Member for Sumkar and CS Minister, Christ Nangoi, has thrown his support behind a loud protest by people of the Sumgilbar LLG, against a proposed sand mining project.

Nangoi said the project is not of benefit to his people and the company bypassed district authorities in an attempt to fast track approvals.

Last month, communities in the Sumgilbar LLG area of  Madang’s North Coast,  called on the government to investigate how a Singaporean company, Niugini Sands Limited,  had convinced LLG councilors to agree to a sand mining project in the area.

Mining warden hearings were held with unsatisfactory results and many of the community elders expressed strong opposition to the project.

The Singaporean company Niugini Sands limited has been speaking to LLG councilors.  Members of the communities along the north coast are angry that  their consent has not been adequately  sought for a project that will displace them.

The communities are in the process of writing an objection to the Mining minister and the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).   The  high level support from the district MP who is also a member of the NEC means, the project will not happen anytime soon.

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