Respecting your Tambus: Eva Kuson tells the tale of her K9 family member

The suburban 5mile became a tad bit notorious over the past 2 weeks. Neighbors reported tales of slippers, clothes and shoes gone missing overnight.

I decided to prep my corgi, Fronky. Beef his aggressive nature and bring forth his protective prowess.

I fed him with a raw beef rump and pork belly. Cost me dearly, but anything to feed the pride is no price paid. Or so I affirmed to myself as I cringe at the receipt.

Tonight, I came out of the house to pat Sport, my two month old Rotweiller and the elder, Fronky. A bed time tradition.

Intuitively, Fronky didn’t beckon to the niceties displayed. I knew instantiously, his masculinity has been restored by the earlier feed.

I watched as his sensory piqued at the sound of the neighbors roaring Prado.

Five lads hopped off and walked down the shared drive way.

Fronky launched for the ‘prey’, raced down the stairs, loosing flight and landed on his fore and galloped towards the boys.

The five heard his bark, and ran for cover. Two dashed onto the main Hubert Murray Highway. Two flashed towards house screaming “Frooooonnnkyyyy No! Mi ya bata,” pleaded the scrawny of the group.

One, who is Raymond, stood. He was scared off his wits. Hand clasped to his neck with a slight bend. Probably, his human reasoning would be that, the dog bite to his back is better than his limbs or face.

Fronky sped past Raymond. He did not attack him.

Fronky then receded home, out of breath, tongue hanging past his cheeks. The attempted attack seemed a mission, though not accomplished.

I stood, puzzled that he didn’t pay any attention to Raymond. I wondered why, yet didn’t ask.

I walked down porch, dishing out apologies after apologies. Whilst eyeing Raymond, wondering, why?

The boys roared in laughter. Mimicking each other in the aftermath of the near dog attack.

Raymond was shaken but beyond relieved.

It turned out ladies and gentlemen, Raymond is the father of two female canine himself.

After the debacle, the lads settled, Raymond called out to Fronky,

“Hey Fronky, gutpla nait long yu tambu”

Fronky returned a slight shy nod.

As it turned out, Fronky has been paying dawn visits to solicit interests from Raymond’s female canines.

Raymond shrugged and revealed to the small gathering,

“How bai tambu kaikai tambu?”

Bottom line, my boy em kastom man. Em tambu blo ol wara Sepik, if I may specify.

I am proud of raising a man who respects his supposedly tambu, yet disheartened that he chose his tambu over my safety and welfare.

Eva’s side note: “Florence please welcomim tambu man blo yupla ol Sepik 🙄”

*Tambu = Inlaw

5 comments on “Respecting your Tambus: Eva Kuson tells the tale of her K9 family member

  1. Great piece made my morning
    Surely they live by their territorial instincts.


  2. Martyn Namorong

    Brilliant piece of writing. Eva should write children’s books. I’m sure school kids will enjoy her work.

    This reminded me of stories I used to read in primary school, especially NZ School journals


  3. Jemima Tatireta

    this made me laugh… thanks for sharing your story!


  4. Glenda Sevua

    Beautiful piece Eva 😁


  5. I had a good laugh reading this. ☺😅


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