#Coronavirus: Solomon Islands stops incoming international flights | Solomon Star

mundaSolomon Islands cabinet on Thursday agreed to suspend the weekly international flight to Munda Airport in Western Province until due course.

It has also agreed to put a stop to all overseas travel for government employees.  These measures were taken as part of efforts to protect the nation from the coronavirus.

Health minister Dickson Mua revealed these to the Solomon Star.

Solomon Airlines flies from Brisbane to Munda and then onto Honiara every Saturday. Mua said the cabinet decisions will be communicated to relevant authorities.

Mua also revealed that the Government is updating the list of countries affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) so that those travelling from those countries won’t be allowed into the Solomon Islands.

It’s also understood that the government had put in place a law to protect the country and people from the rapidly spreading Covid-19 last month.

They are now reinforcing the law with additional countries in their list to be banned from entering the Solomon Islands.

Under the said Regulation, if any person, who has for 14 days prior to arriving in the Solomon Islands, been in a country where there is a confirmed case of Covid-19, he or she will not be allowed to enter the country and will be requested to board the return flight or be subject to detention or quarantine.

Meanwhile, Mua said his ministry and relevant authorities are working around the clock to protect the Solomon Islands and its citizens from the Covid-19.

The Solomon Star understands that one of the 16 people under quarantine is a Member of Parliament….PACNEWS

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