‘On The Run Services,’ the family business that runs errands for you!

I love stories of small family business.  I stumbled across  a Facebook page for ‘On The Run Services.‘   They facilitate passport processing, NID collections and a host of other things.  I asked Karaut Daniel Aimo  to send  their story. I am posting unedited.

OTRS“On The Run Services (OTRS) is basically an ERRANDS business. We do odd jobs for clients that do not have the time to handle their business such as: –

Passport lodgments (new/renewal) – NID card and birth certificate pick up – IRC TIN/COC/HAV lodgment – IPA Business/Company Registration – Delivery of gifts/packages – Sourcing of items for Overseas Clients – Banking (Deposits/Withdrawals) – Western Union – Land Title Search’s, etc. – Airline/Hire Car/Hotel Booking – Work permits/Visa (Labor) – Aussie Visa

We are not limited to the services mentioned above but can cater on clients request. We registered on the 20th March of 2019 so we are just reaching 1 year of operation.

We are a family business and operate out of our home. OTRS was started when we lost our mother to breast cancer on the 28th of December 2018 and our brother Andrew wanted us as a family to have an extra income opportunity and since we had a lot of friends and family (contacts) and were basically doing errands already for them we decided to capitalize on that opportunity.

We mostly operate in Pom but cater for clients in other provinces as well. Our motto is “Always Deliver On Time.”


We believe in Honesty and Trust!

We hope to expand to other provinces soon and plan to open an office in Port Moresby soon. We try our best to officer our services as affordable as possible.

Our SME account at BSP just got approved and we will soon be using it as our main business account.

We can be contacted by email:,  Mobile/Whatsapp: 71404763 FB Page: On The Run Services or  Post Office: P.O Box 1412 Vision City NCD

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