Stranded: PNG students transiting from China refused boarding by Phillipine Immigration

After a long day waiting for our flight to Manila to transit to Pom, we were removed from the flight to Manila.

A total of 12 students were not allowed to board the flight to Manila. The
Manila immigration could not give us access to at least transit to our country. While getting to the airport and also at the airport we were checked throughly and scanned almost 10 times to check if we were infected. There was not sign of infection.

It is not only in Shenghai but also Beijing. We tried to get flights to go around Manila to our our country but all flights are cancelled.

Meanwhile, other country’s have charters for their people to at least return to their countries . This is not fair and is not humanly to be put in such situation.

There is no proper advice from the government and PNG citizens here are all in confusion from true and false informations shared via social media. Please we urge the government to at least intervene and help us in this time of need.

The frightening this is that we can not go back to our school and we are stranded here with no where to go.

We suggest and urge our government to at least help us as we are running short on options and really need the the government s intervention.

Our parents can only do so much by paying for our tickets which have already gone to waste. Our flight from Shenghai to Manila was a waste after being removed from the plane. A lot of money, headache and heartache is shared and we are all out of options.

We the ministry for foreign affairs to help with immigration so we can board the plane or a least an intervention

We write as we wait at Shenghai International airport for two days now without any hope.

2 comments on “Stranded: PNG students transiting from China refused boarding by Phillipine Immigration

  1. Please help our PNG citizens living abroad in China. Students are stranded and there’s not much help has been provided. If Australia can bring their citizens back to Christmas Island for safety then why can’t PNG do something to our fellow PNG students abroad. It’s just unfair treatment and no family deserves to see their loved ones in that situation. Let’s have some compassion and help each other best we can.


    • Robert Badui

      The disadvange affecting PNG students are that the government to government protocal can be arranged prior to their travel from China to all the linking airports where our embassies can assist by being at the airport so the host country can move them easily to PNG.


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