My short statement on Friday to PM, James Marape, on health & education

mediaOn Friday morning, the Prime Minister, James Marape called  members of the media and the public relations practitioners to a breakfast meeting in Port Moresby.  It was the first time in  which the media was allowed to interact  with the PM outside of  our usual operations.

Below is a short transcription of what I conveyed to him after an address by  Neville Choi, EMTV’s  Head of News & Media Council President.

“Prime Minister, thank you for this opportunity to talk to you directly.

“I want to raise a few issues that we have raised and continue to raise.  I want to also points out a blockages that need to be addressed.

“First on health and education… The Free Education policy has failed our people.  There are still many, many schools that do not receive funds on time. Many more do not receive it at all.  Our teachers have been intimidated and threatened  by provincial and school administrations  to not speak out.

“The problem continue to linger because people are too afraid to speak out.

“For health…The people tasked to deliver medicines to our hospitals and clinics continue to fail.  You don’t have to go far to see those failures. In our five urban clinics in Lae, there are shortages of  anti-malarial drugs, antibiotics,  TB drugs and family planning drugs.

“Even the consumables needed for health workers to do their jobs are in short supply.  The gloves,  needles and other supplies. If urban clinics have shortages, what about rural clinics?

“Our health workers are also being intimidated and told to shut up.  What we need, Prime Minister, is an admission that there is a problem. Not a cover up! We don’t need department secretaries who are too afraid to face the facts and admit publicly in the media that there is a problem.  Many are too timid.

“I want you to use the information that the media has available during natural disasters.  Use the information available. Journalists are specialists in information  gathering and dissemination. Use that mechanism that is available free of charge.

“We were in Tari during the earthquake in 2018. You were in the conference room when we walked in. We were putting out information and making it available. And while the death toll stood at 63,  the  government mechanism chose to ignore the first hand information and were quoting a figure of 100 plus.

“We need aircraft for our defense force for disaster operations. I’ve spoken to the senior members of  the PNGDF Air Transport Wing, there is an aircraft that is sitting idle because it needs a gearbox replacement that will cost K2 million.

“…there are many in government who have been unhappy with the recent coverage that has been embarrassing for them.   But I want you to know that We will continue to challenge you and the government on the issues that matter.”

9 comments on “My short statement on Friday to PM, James Marape, on health & education

  1. Barbara Short

    For so long we have not had a strong truthful press in PNG. Facebook forums grew because of this. Hopefully Marape is willing to let the truth be told in the Press at all times.


  2. Great Scott, keep up the good work!

    On education and health, the crises is indeed universal. Let’s not forget the Universities too, who play such a vital role in providing the professionals necessary to realize Vision 2050, and are the breeding grounds of the next generation of leaders.

    I am particularly sad about the fate of the PNG University of Technology in our beloved Lae. Want to reform agriculture through technological innovation? Want to produce competent engineers?

    It is time now surely to take back UNITECH, and not leave it in the hand of selfish, greedy and pigheaded management and University Council, see http://bit.ly/2nXqpUH

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  3. Karen Rea

    Im so thankful for people like Scott who is one fearless of expressing himself for the benefit of teachers.


  4. Snorel Dadda

    Thanks Scott for the honesty and in enlightening the PM to take on. I stand with Dr. Albert Schram to decry the demise of PNG University of Technology and PNG UNRE at the hands of selfish, ignorant national opportunists. PNG needs the service and expertise of Dr Schram and Prof. John Warren of UNRE to elevate our tertiary institutions for quality graduate output.


  5. Thank you Scott Waide… You’re a true PNG Patriot…


  6. Joys Eggins

    Thank you Scott, thank you.


  7. Thanks Scott! Let’s hope that PMJM does take to hart and put to action the things you have mentioned. I like this: “I want you to use the information that the media has available during natural disasters. Use the information available. Journalists are specialists in information gathering and dissemination. Use that mechanism that is available free of charge.”

    Truly hope that our Govt uses effectively this very resourceful tool for development!


  8. Reblogged this on PNG ICT Meri and commented:
    Not always is there an opportunity to share your thoughts directly to those in higher places – but when given the opportunity, do make it count! Thank you Scott for addressing and putting forward some of these key challenges that we face. Health, Education, Media and Effective Service Delivery!


  9. Aaron Peter Mawe

    Thank you Scott.

    You’ve given it honestly and patriotically to the CEO of this beautiful developing nation.

    The administrators of these two sectors are definite pretenders.

    Hope the PM gives full consideration to your statement.


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