Hausples takes important steps to review its website moderation policy

Hausples Press Release 5.8.19Firstly, let me say that as a company and an as an individual, I abhor racism in any form and it is certainly not my intention to foster it. Hausples in no way condones properties that are marketed solely to any race or ethnicity.

As a company, Hausples has always prided itself on being a free resource for the public with the aim of growing PNG’s real estate sector to benefit all Papua New Guineans. Consequently, it’s free for anyone to list a property for sale and rent on the Hausples website, similarly, it is free to attend any of our expos and events.

We have actively chosen to keep costs low to ensure everyone can engage in the property market. As a result of our low-cost structure and high usage of the Hausples website (with more than 3,000 properties listed at any given time), we do not currently have the resources moderate every individual property that is marketed.

When we became aware of the property you mentioned we immediately removed it from Hausples – within 24 hours of if being posted.

Moving forward we will review our moderation processes and seek to apply more oversight before properties are made live.  With respect to our marketing in general, we market properties across the whole spectrum of buyers and renters; from luxury homes to affordable housing, and from serviced apartments suiting corporates, to long term rentals. It has never been our intention to segregate our audience based on race, but rather we market based on need: first home buyers, luxury buyers, affordable rentals, corporate rentals.

Mathew Care is CEO and founder of Hausples.  This statement was released on August 5th. 

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