Emmanuel Narakobi calls out racist advertising on real estate website

h4So let me backtrack. Economic segregation has been practiced for a long time in PNG, the so called Expat as defined legally for the private sector was someone that was supposed to train up local talent where such experience did not exist in the organization. There is no normal foreign worker license which then perpetuates the “Expat” policy and ultimately attitudes. In other words we have institutionalized economic segregation.

h6When the Bougainville Copper mine was established, they did not just setup a mining project. They setup an entire town with schools, hospitals and leisure facilities. Everyone, both Papua New Guinean and ‘Expats’ all lived and worked together in Bougainville with their families using all the same facilities. This was a utopian dream which is no longer attempted or dared to be dreamt of again.

Fast forward to today, our socio-economic landscape makes it impossible to dream of such utopias again however the Papua New Guinean middle class has now greatly expanded. We have Papua New Guineans that have attended every single University in the world from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Canberra to Shanghai. We have multi millionaires Jacob Luke and Robert Agarobe that employ foreigners.

kenniSo James Marape PM you are not going to achieve your dream if the best talent and most achieved Papua New Guineans are not allowed to live a normal global lifestyle in their own country. With dual wages for the exact same experience and qualifications, with Government contracts and senior jobs going to Expats even though qualified locals are available, with local staff being treated like slaves and now with …. like this housing advertisement blatantly telling us that only Expatriates can live in their accommodation. Then seriously, What the …. Are We Doing Here?!?!

Everyone in the chain is to blame, our visas and legislations for starters, ourselves for not nipping it in the bud when it arises and everyone else profiting from this economic segregation. Why does the landlord feel they can blatantly advertise like this? Why does the real estate company feel it’s ok to represent clients like this? Why does Hausples feel it’s ok to allow content like this on its website. Look at the Google search below, Hausples has purposely created a classification on their website for “Expat Rentals”

You can be a smart person with qualifications coming from the poorest parts of the world but if you secured a job in Silicon Valley or anywhere else in the Western world you would be paid exactly what you are worth. Like why do we not have PNG Expats in Australia? On a social level when you attend any party or function the night always begins with people huddled in their racial groups. We have a huge imbalance in how our society operates and economic segregation like this does not help. In its worst form, it develops and perpetuates racist attitudes and behavior.

This is not what a free, fair, democratic and egalitarian country should be about.

2 comments on “Emmanuel Narakobi calls out racist advertising on real estate website

  1. Leslie Bahn Kawa

    Absolutely disgraceful advertising .neocolonialistic mentality perpetuated from the preconceived idea of Master Vs Kanaka principle.

    Am a doctor working in the UK but had similar treatment from my own country men and women and it sucks.


  2. David Yangimas Takendu

    Unfortunately the advertisement does depict the shallow level of exposure by those in the industry to be sensitive to what has been the cause of dissection in the past.
    The value of the rental is sufficient to attract only the ones who can pay on time.
    Such rental rate is affordable by many National who make Salary Sacrifices I am aware of.
    Let discriminations and racial segregation out of PNG.


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