Great reviews mark a spectacular end to the Andrew Kuliniasi play, #Meisoga

sineThe two week run of the play  Meisoga ended last week  in a smashing gala night performance at the Ullie Beier Theater  at the University of Papua New Guinea.   Each member of the of the cast put together  brilliant performances complemented by  sound and lighting that brought the whole play to  a spectacular finish.

‘Meisoga’ is the story of Sine Kepu,  a young girl thrust into  a position of huge responsibility after the passing of the Meisoga  clan matriarch, her older sister.  Her carefree life is shattered and her clan’s expectations are heaped upon her young shoulders.

The play traces the journey of the Meisoga who are forced  to leave Suau for Misima.  Sine Kepu takes on the responsibility at a time  when her clan is being tormented by rival clans.

Sine Kepu is forced into a world of pain and leadership. She has to rally her clan to fight  enemies more powerful than her own  Meisoga with the full knowledge that they will suffer losses.  Sine Kepu is a reluctant leader bound by duty and circumstance.

Meisoga is the story of a matriarch who grieves bitterly in private over the loss of  younger clansmen and commands enormous respect as time passes.

Sine Kepu loses her husband in battle.  In grief,   her son, Tubiaga,  seeks to avenge his father’s death and  trades his elder uncle’s life for power from a witchdoctor who practices dark magic.  All this is done without is mother’s knowledge.

Tubiaga defeats the enemy clan and establishes the reign of the Meisoga.  The means to  the end draws the ire of his mother.

Later on in life, Sine Kepu, now the elderly matriarch, asks to go back to Eaus, to the beach where she  first arrived with the Meisoga  as a young woman.  She is taken back by her son to Eaus, where the spirits of her husband, her sister and uncle come to welcome her to the afterlife.

Huge credits to writer and director, Andrew Kuliniasi and the cast.

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