National Housing Corporation: Ending decades of shameless corruption

h1Finally, there is government acknowledgment of the corruption and disarray in the National Housing Corporation.

Since taking office, Housing Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, has  exposed what the organization looks like from the inside. Its physical state is an absolute mess and a national embarrassment of the highest order.

The suggestion box should have been named: ‘Buai spet box’   and the NHC office should have been renamed: ‘Ofis blo kekemanmeri.’

h2The NHC has absolutely nothing to be proud of.  Its officers have been a waste of taxpayers money. My taxes and your taxes went to pay a horde  that ate from the corruption.  Our taxes paid for their power and the hired vehicles paid to their cronies.

The NHC officers and management fed off the corruption and the illegal sales of properties.   They are partly responsible for the deaths of elderly men and women who lost their homes soon after being evicted.

These heartless crooks continued their activities unabated for years until we began exposing their activities in Lae and Port Moresby.  Some of their senior officers  shamelessly  offered  money to their victims to move out of the homes that were being sold – some to foreigners.

The organization had  and still has no asset registry.  In short, they don’t know how many houses they actually own.

h4While the rest of the country moved into the 21st century, the National Housing Corporation remained in the 1960s with a severely deficient, outdated manual filing system desperately begging for a major IT overhaul.

Titles were stolen, reproduced and sold.

While property rentals and prices rose… and rose… and rose… over 30 years, the NHC  remained oblivious to its mission to provide affordable housing to Papua New Guineans.  This government agency is responsible for the high rentals and unaffordable cost of living because it could have done something but it didn’t.

The previous minsters who owned the problem had no political will to seize the bull by the  horns and wrestle it to the ground.

2 comments on “National Housing Corporation: Ending decades of shameless corruption

  1. Smith Kavanamur

    I think the Minister to provide a 24/7 callcentre so we can give some names of people who are doing this illegal activities and selling houses and vacant lands


  2. James Macpherson

    problems equally with the previus Office of Urbanisation – now closed, with a line of failing projects around the country – Taurama in NCD and Faniyufa in EHP.
    we need to look at housing cooperatives which have been a general success for middle and low income earners around the world – and which also create effective communities.
    settlements often have better community strengths than suburbs – residents use cultural strengths. I am working on a residential cooperative on customary land – combines rent housing, communal titles and individual subleases, and some freedom in styles of cooperation and infrastructure – as customary land they do not need to follow blindlg Building Regulations. These Regulations are copied from Australia – which has very different land availability, households, incomes, etc.
    I also do not trust architects too much. they are in the profession mostly to make money – and plan for higher incomes people who can given them profits.
    OOut of time – be good to meet you agin.


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