Police Minister responds to social media report and has child molester arrested

Police Minister, Brian Kramer, wrote on Facebook:

On Sunday I received a notification on Facebook that Wilfred Kepui mentioned my name in a comment. When I clicked on the notification it took to me to a post by Remase Hariwa (real name Augustine Pouru. Mr. Pouru posted the following message on is timeline:


Soon after posting the above message Wilfred Kepui commented notifying me. I respond asking Mr Pouru to please inbox me the details of the mother’s name and contact number.

He explained he doesn’t know the mother personally but heard of the incident through a friend as they were walking past the Gordon’s Police station on their way to the bus stop and brought it up in conversation. He said he will try contact them tomorrow to find out if they can assist locating the family.

I explained that had a Ministerial hand over take over program tomorrow morning as well as full debriefing from Police Force Hierarchy and Divisional Commanders from around the country and will raise it with the Commissioner as a matter of priority.

During my key note speech I made mention of this incident. I also made the point the only reason I accepted the invitation by the Prime Minister James Marape to join his Government and be part of his Cabinet was to take on the Ministry for Police to address the escalating issues of sexual violence against Women and little girls, including children generally.  Following my speech I passed on Mr. Porou’s contact to NCD MetSup Perou N’dranou asking him to look into it ASAP.

r2An hour later, with the assistance of Gordon’s Police and Mr Pouru taking time off work, we able to locate the mother and little girl who is actually 5 years of age. Police arrested her grandfather, I then contacted a friend to have the Mother and her daughter placed at Bel Isi Safe Haus and ensure she received the urgent medical treatment.

Following the interview of the mother is was discovered two other girls living with them were also victims of sexual abuse from the same alleged perpetrator.

r3When I thanked Mr. Pouru for bringing this issue to my attention he said he had two young boys and was heart broken after hearing of the story from his friend.

Two weeks ago, straight after being sworn in as Minister of Police I explained to the press that I intended to run social media program where the public would be able to get directly in touch with me in an initiative to making it safer for mum’s and dad’s and their kids.

Yesterday’s incident is on such example of the changes to come. As promised you can expect sweeping changes in how our Police address sexual violence and Police brutality .

r4To avoid any doubt, I’m still very much committed to addressing high-level corruption and once I’ve had the opportunity to address the issues facing our Police Force I expect them to take the lead without political interference.

*Augustine is a musician and recording artist.  He previously helped to raise funds for the Braun Hospital in Finschaffen. 

4 comments on “Police Minister responds to social media report and has child molester arrested

  1. Justice Served. The perpetrator deserves to rot in Bomana. How could he do such inhuman act to children?


  2. Finally Social media used for good


  3. Mittas Labibi

    This incident is one out of many and raises eyebrows on us parents.. How safe is our kids at home while we attend to work..I have a five year old girl at home with her mother but sometimes I get scared of leaving them each morning to work. Are they safe even in our own home?


  4. Morrison Garth

    Thank you very much from this inspiring act from our Police minister and police officers. atleast BK is instilling some hope in us by acting swiftly with the police force… Thanks for sharing


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