My message to Prime Minister, James Marape

PM James Marape (Picture by madNESS Photography)

As the new Prime Minister, you have your work cut out for you. You have to try to get a lot of it done within two years before the 2022 elections.

That’s a big job.

Do what is right by the people. Listen to their voices through social media. Not all of it is fake news. Take counsel from those who disagree with you, publicly and privately, in the interest of your 10 million people. Be brave enough to listen to the criticisms and find the threads of truth in them.

Be truthful about the state of Papua New Guinea’s health system. The people of Papua New Guinea deserve a Government that tells the truth. There is a severe shortage of medicine. Puka Temu did a bad job and he did not admit to it as Health Minister. Many of our aid posts are closed and our hospitals don’t have medicine. Yet the media is accused of ‘being political’ when we highlight these ‘open secrets.’

Be truthful about the Tuition Fee Free Education (TFF). It’s not working for us. Our schools don’t get the money on time. If we have to pay for school fees, tell that to the people straight as it is. Papua New Guineans are resilient and hard working. They do not deserve to be lied to.

Please appoint an education minister who will find out why teachers continue to have their pays cut when they do not have outstanding loans.

Remove the companies that are benefiting from the cumbersome procurement processed in the health and education at the expense of our people. Investigate and prosecute the kaikaiman and kaikaimeri who suck the systems dry. Send them to jail.

Provide housing for our people.

Fix the National Housing Corporation. It is a hub of corruption that has existed for decades. Papua New Guineans deserve affordable housing not unaffordable rentals meant for fly-in-fly-out company executives. They deserve a government that has the guts to dump the garbage and restore integrity.

Lower the taxes. Our people are suffering. Tax the companies that enjoy tax holidays.

Reduce internet costs. If we are going to empower our millennials, make it easy for them to be independent of their parents. Make it possible for them to own their own homes by providing the means for them to make money from tools they grew up with.

They deserve a government that is able to stand up for them and not kowtow to foreign interests.

We have agreed, as a government, add to the miseries of other human beings by keeping them in a prison camp on Manus in exchange for aid. We cannot continue with that shameful legacy.

Don’t persecute the media. Don’t threaten journalists. It doesn’t do much for your credibility.

There’s a lot to be said and not enough time and space.

One final thing: For goodness sake, sell the Maseratis. Get back our money. It was of no benefit to us in the first place. You were part of a government that bought them during APEC. Please do the right thing by the people and get rid of them.

11 comments on “My message to Prime Minister, James Marape

  1. Fredrick Kuelinad

    Indeed, the PM and Government have a very difficult task ahead. They must put a halt to the loans and be prudent in spending. Please reduce the burden of tax on the workforce that serve loyally and contribute to the development of PNG by not taxing their superannuation and retire benefits!


  2. Jacqueline Miria

    Well said


  3. Excellent points focussing on developmental outcomes for the people of PNG. Some points missing, regarding broken promises. First institute the anti-corruption commisison ICAC, and replace police hierarchy. Secondly, apart from journalists, academics and students have had a hard time. Revoked higher education act of 2014 to end the political interference and appointments. Give back the SRC constitutions and restore the voice of the students, and investigate who gave the order to shoot at the peacefully demonstrating students on the UPNG campus on 8 June 2016.


    • Scott I share you message to the Newly elected PM, Tax is an important issue affecting all our citizens and it should be on the top of his priority lists, most of this big companies are on tax holidays and it should be screened thoroughly on how they are paying their taxes as I believe most of them get away with it, while we the ordinary citizens get hit hard on Tax, we live on a country with so much wealth that yet we dig deep into citizens salary by imposing hefty taxes, not only on the average salary, but right down to GST and Import Duty Tax.


  4. Uling Gunemba

    Excellent points. Also adding on is the need for PM James Marape to clear all the back logs of pending high profile court cases, investigations and inquiries. Conclude them by prosecuting those implicated and found guilty and execute justice where deserved.


  5. Very clear article, easy KPI to measure. Any opinion on what simple yet measurable and meaningful commitment the PM and his cabinet for FORESTS?


  6. Aaron Peter Mawe

    True comments.

    And adding on, please let us link some of our rural districts and places to the nearest urban centers with road network.

    Make roads one of the priority area. A well at least, connected roads to the urban centers and of course focuss on the missing links to connect provinces to one another.

    It may be bigger practically but at least a pilot track or a all weather road is constructed throughout this country where untapped resources of this country like coffee and other cash crops are, will see practical changes to both the rural population and the urban centers.

    Bulk of our population are in the villages desperately in need of road connectivity to the outside world.

    Enough of pointless four lanes, freeways, flyovers etc centered in only Port Moresby.

    A road is a full definition of ‘service delivary’.


  7. Pius Clement

    Thanks for list many hanging tasks. Also on the list, reinstate the Task Force Sweep team and change the police commissioner who is toothless to bite.TFS will recover all the money that were stolen through illegal ways and through corruptions.


  8. Stelory Bandi

    Reduce wages and salary tax for working citizens.


  9. Congratulations to Honourable James Marape for being our New Prime Minister for Papua New Guinea.

    I hope he will do more best changes in our country, and fix all the liabilities in PNG.


  10. Stanley Luanda

    Encourage and empower SMEs – many are struggling to find the seed capital; many that have started up already are struggling to keep their heads above water. Give them a fair go. After all, we all have to start somewhere and some time; and that time is now, as our new Hon PM paves way with a positive start. Thank you PM Marape and all the best for this next two years of your reign. God bless PNG.


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