To the NAC’s Nadzab security: Some decency and understanding would help

Previously, I never had trouble with security at Nadzab airport. But recently, it has become a but of a pain. Two weeks ago, the security guard had his whole body in the door blocking the way. He asked me and my better half when our boarding time was. He was a bit rude and insistent. We just wanted to check in.

This morning, the guard didn’t want want to let a family member

in through the main gate. We just wanted to get some cash at the airport shop. No problems with security, but systems are built for people. In PNG, people come with families and family members to airports. If they cause problems, you have every right to remove them. I have the greatest respect for guards. However, being unreasonable is just unacceptable.

A few months back, the blue uniformed security guard at Nadzab, grabbed my backpack off me and just rummaged through it without any sense of respect. It’s my bag. It doesn’t hurt to ask: ‘Can you please open your bag?’ Em tasol.

It’s the rudeness to our own people taken to the extreme and the inferiority complex that they struggle with that really gets to me.

I blame NAC for picking shitty, unprofessional security firms to represent you

1 comment on “To the NAC’s Nadzab security: Some decency and understanding would help

  1. I had the same experience when travelling to Port Moresby for business, the guards are just Rude and have no manners.

    NAC wrong choice of security firm.


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