How we grew the Lae Police SRUs with small steps| Anthony Wagambie

sru“I took a gamble in forming this unit.

We selected a bunch of very young probationary constables with just over a year out in the field and  put them with a couple of experienced NCOs.  The majority of the NCOs were former Mobile Squad and Rapid Response Lae members.

I told them “You guys will make it or break it. If you fail and  I fail and I will be dealt with!”

We nurtured them , me being on the field with them and guiding the unit, taking command myself to make sure SRU operated the way I wanted. Now my boys are very experienced and everything is in place .

Am proud of all of them. Yes we have one or two who step out of line.  But the guys have done me proud.

It’s like a father watching his child take his first steps until he can walk unaided.

We took Inspector David Kumayon, who was Commander Mobile Squad 13 and moved him to command SRU Lae. We then increased the manpower to the current 74 men.

Never before have we had 24/7 Police armed response coverage of the city.

Sections of SRU have been deployed out of the Lae to Morobe rural, Kurumbukari (Madang), Madang town unrest, Bogia (Madang) and Kainantu (EHP).

I don’t personally take command of the unit as much as I used to. I do that  only in major incidents or operations.

It gives me personal pride when I see and hear people praising SRU for all that they do. Yes they do extremely well.

SRU has become the strength of Lae Metropolitan Command and they are  here to stay  after I leave my beautiful Lae City.”

  • Anthony Wagambie is the Police Metropolitan Superintendent of Lae. 

4 comments on “How we grew the Lae Police SRUs with small steps| Anthony Wagambie

  1. Roland Tumsok Jr Funmat

    Great job Met supt Wagambie!The SRUs have done a great job in Lae.


  2. Thank you MetSup Lae for the outstanding job. So far so good 👏


  3. Brilliant and it will be a positive legacy, for sure


  4. Junior John Supa

    Well done MetSup.. Lae is now safe all thanks to your initiative in forming this SRU.


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