Jamie Oliver step aside…Coconut chicken PNG style (with a few additions)

Add a bit of lemon grass and you should be fine. 

Add a bit of lemon grass and you should be fine. 

You know what?  Forget the Jamie Oliver stuff.

What you want are  those  BIG Maryland pieces  of  chicken.  Large ones that refuse  to fit into a pot.   So get a few of those.  A few… I mean PNG ‘few.’

Stuff them into a large pot  with a bit of  water and boil the heck out of  them. ‘Go in’ with two large onions, four whole Mt. Hagen size shallots.

This is where the flavor gets interesting.

Add two cans of  coconut milk. You can say all you want about  canned coconut milk. But hey… who wants to sit on a scraper grating away at two large coconuts when you’re hungry.  So… yeah,  canned coconut milk it is.

Then,  add  half a handful of lightly crushed  black peppercorns and four large dried mushrooms.  Black peppercorns and mushrooms are the missing magic ingredients in PNG cooking.   Add one large Lae market type ginger.  Don’t chop. Crush and dump that into the pot.

Add  four large carrots. Go to Mt. Hagen  market and buy those damn carrots.  They are the ONLY  ones you want.  Don’t chop them into bits (Jamie Oliver crap).  Just peel them like a kaukau,  quarter them lengthwise then cut them in half.

Dump those in the pot.

Do the same with four large tomatoes. You don’t want those that are very ripe.  Quarter them and into the pot seeds and all.  Why celebrity chefs remove the seeds?  I don’t know.   Add  one green  and red  capsicum.    Tomatoes,  capsicums and carrots have mild flavors but add a lot of punch when cooked with all of the above.

Don’t worry about timing  your cooking. As long as the bottom of the pot doesn’t burn you are fine. Stir occasionally and cook until the chicken skin starts to disintegrate when you poke it with a spoon and when the bone on the drumstick becomes exposed.

By now the tomatoes will have blended into the soup with the  tomato skins looking like pieces of broken red balloons. You’re on the right track.

When you can stick a fork into the chicken thigh and twist.  That’s the time you turn off the stove.

I am assuming that you greased  a large pot of rice hours earlier  and it has cooled ready and waiting for the  chicken.

Eat in  bowl  so that the soup doesn’t spill.

Ok. Go imagine.


2 comments on “Jamie Oliver step aside…Coconut chicken PNG style (with a few additions)

  1. This recipe requires doing it, not imagining. I’m doing this tonight. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saul Tunge

    Couldn’t agree more sir, black peppercorns and mushrooms are truly the missing magic ingredients in PNG cooking. I will try this recipe tonight.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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