Student journalist & eldest of 4 quits school, says he’ll support mum pay fees for his brothers

Suli Suli 

My name is Suli Suli. I was studying Communications Arts (Journalism) in Divine Word University.  I  completed my second year in 2018.

My parents divorced when I was doing grade 5  in 2009. I’ve spent almost my  life, living with my grandmother in the village. My  mother has always been the one who bears the  burden in terms of school matters. I’m the eldest in the family of 4 brothers.

After  completing grade 12 at Sogeri National High in 2016. I applied to study in DWU and was accepted. I wanted  to study Law in University of Papua New Guinea but I doubted that I would make it because I was afraid of the possibility of  failing my exams and getting a lower GPA. So I applied to DWU to study Journalism.

I don’t regret the decision I made because I am content with what I am studying today.

My biggest achievement in life will be  to wipe my mother’s tears away with a graduation gown and a degree in  hand.

I aim to be an investigative journalist in the future and also become a human rights lawyer.

Even though my mother and father  remarried.  My mother  has always been the one who gives us the  hope and determination  to excel in life. She is  a receptionist with IPA but manages to make us happy all the time. It takes a strong woman to raise children, face challenges, go through struggles and hardships just to make me and my three brothers happy.

I am  grateful that she’s still alive and well. I can’t imagine life without her. Last year, my second born brother was not able to school. Only  my two  brothers  and I continued our studies.

Since my first year in university, my father had paid my school fees. But this year he wasn’t able to pay my school fees as well as that of my brothers’.

So, this year,   I decided to stay out of school  and let my three brothers to go to school while I look for employment  to save some money to pay my own school fees next year.

I’m happy to stay home this year, but I will still continue my studies whenever I have enough money to pay for my school fees. If this is God’s plan, then let it be. I am happy to take on this challenge.

Staying positive with whatever that comes my way. I’ll see this problem as a stepping stone to be better in life.

*Suli Suli did an internship with EMTV in 2018.  He is unable to continue with his second year of studies because his dad is unable to pay. 

2 comments on “Student journalist & eldest of 4 quits school, says he’ll support mum pay fees for his brothers

  1. Babani Maraga

    Very sad to see education at tertiary level of PNG human resources capacity building being given low priority… stop copying others, instead of giving top priority to our nation builders at post primary and high school levels… PNG needs and deserves a workforce of tradesmen, technical and professional skilled manpower to help increase productivity and prosperity


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