Grace Gavera should not become JUST another statistic

It should be discussed in the all male parliament with the same energy as the DSIP funding, corruption and expensive sports cars.

Borrowed from www.ncdc.gov.pg

Apart from  her family,  friends, workmates and neighbors,  not many people knew who Grace Gavera was until this week.  

For those who have not been on Facebook,  there is a  picture that shocked many people. It shows  a Papua New Guinean woman, stripped, humiliated and tortured  before she waskilled.  There’s blood all over her bodyand she died a horrible, painful death.

On Saturday, evening her dad spent the early part of the night at her residence at Erima. They chatted for a while, then he went home.  In the morning they told her, his daughter was dead – killed by her abusive boyfriend.

Why was she killed? I don’t know.  But why should any Papua New Guinean women be killed? And why should  there even be any attempt to justify the  killing of any woman  by an abusive boyfriend or partner or husband?

The Health Minister, Dr. Puka Temu,  has come out to condemn the killing.   Powes Parkop and Robert Agarobe have both issued similar statements.  But you know what? Every killing of  PNG women at the hands of abusive partners should be condemned with the same energy every time.  This forum should be bigger.

It should be discussed in  the all male parliament with the same  passion  and determination as the  DSIP funding,  corruption  and  expensive sports cars.

Grace Gavera isn’t just another static added  to the long list of  victims of women killed by their partners.  

Yesterday, I learned that Grace died at the age of 26.  She was an  administrative clerk at the National Department of Education.  She was raised by her grand parents and later  by her aunt and uncle.

Yep… she’s not a statistic. She is a real person. 

At least two days after the  killing, the alleged  murderer was caught by police in Port Moresby.   He is now in custody.  The  pictures of the arrest were  shared on social media.

Yesterday, I asked Grace Gavera’s dad if he was going to call for the death penalty. He said:   NO.  He doesn’t want the burden of another person’s death placed on him.  But he wants  suspect to face the full force of the law.

He also made an another important point: NO COMPENSATION!

Why should we seek “justice” for a man and profit through compensation for a woman killed by her partner.

He wants justice served and I agree.

7 comments on “Grace Gavera should not become JUST another statistic

  1. Biliv_in_Karma

    I have MOTHERS, SISTERS and AUNTIES. And I have a DAUGTHER too.
    My condolence to the Late Grace Gavera’s family.
    This guy was cursed by so many helpless and retired old teachers.
    He deserves something more than what and where he is now!
    There is another guy by the name of Michael who does the same thing.
    An officer in the Education office by the name of Samson from Koiari is a small cunning little conman who drives those motherfuckers! Samson is a crook. Samson is being aftered by so many angry teachers.
    The Education Department personal needs to stop the habit of asking helpless teachers for money and lunch pack to help them.


  2. It’s now or never…ladies who are going thru similar must now stand and speak out!


  3. Biliv_in_Karma

    Was she a wife or a girlfriend?
    The murderer hangs around the Fincorp House helping teachers like a middleman/conman asking/helping teachers with pay issues..


  4. How in Heaven’s name can we make a difference? We know that domestic violence is rife. Deaths are frequent. We all wring our hands, as we did when journalist Rosalyn Albaniel died suddenly. But nothing seems to HAPPEN! Bring Mr Sabadi to Parliament at its next sitting and grant him time to address the Members and repeat his wishes: NO COMPENSATION, ENSURE THE GUILTY PARTY IS DEALT WITH IN COURT.


  5. Only cowards, and men who have fooled themselves into thinking the world does revolve around them, stoop that low.

    I ask the question, why did the hospital staff allow Grace to leave with the very monster who battered and bruised her, eventually taking her young life? Why?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. He should be handed the death penalty period! That is the full force of the law!


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