Father of slain woman: No compensation, I want justice

The father of Grace Gavera, the  26-year-old woman who was killed by her boyfriend  at the weekend  says he won’t be accepting compensation nor will he be calling for  the death penalty.

Bau Sabadi said he just wants the murderer of his daughter to be arrested, charged and  sent to prison for his crime.

Mr. Sabadi, who spent the early part of Saturday night  at her daughter’s residence in Port Moresby  was shocked when he was told the next day that his daughter was dead.

“I was with her on Saturday. We chatted for a while and then I left,” Sabadi said.  “Next day I got calls saying ‘you come to the office because your daughter is dead.’”

Grace Gavera had just joined the Education Department as an administration clerk.  Relatives said she had suffered ongoing abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Andy Baro, for  at least two years.

On Saturday night, family members say she was  slashed on her head and body by Baro.  When she was taken to hospital she  had already lost a lot of blood.   But her ordeal didn’t stop there.  Andy Baro, followed her to the  hospital and took her from  the hospital bed, then forced her into a  cab.

Relatives couldn’t not say exactly what  happened  then.

“When I went to see her, she was in the layout at the hospital.  I saw  where her body had been cut,” Mr. Sabadi said. “They told me  he put a pipe in her private parts.”

Last night, police  arrested Andy Baro  several hours after  killing Grace Gavera.

“I want justice. I cannot call for the  death penalty. That is revenge. I cannot be held accountable for his death. But he must face the full force of the law.

2 comments on “Father of slain woman: No compensation, I want justice

  1. The actions of Andy Baro the “Boy Friend” is obviously criminal, but the question is HOW. HOW does a man get to be allowed to “take her from her hospital bed, then forced her into a cab.” Where is the Hospital Staff AND security, and what sort of a “Taxi Driver” take part in such actions.


  2. Give him life imprisonment…He deserves it


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