So Jelta, what if teachers protest over pay cuts and attack Parliament House? No action?


I know the Police Minister, Jelta Wong, has a complicated job to do.  But this decision  announced publicly   is wrong.   It  doesn’t serve the interests of the country  or the democracy.  All it does is reinforce the notion that lawlessness is acceptable if the government doesn’t listen to you.

The concern by police officers and warders is genuine.  I totally agree that they should be paid. The action to  damage parliament is wrong.  As Minister of Police,  you should enforce the law.  We cannot allow our country to slip into anarchy.

When Major General Jerry Singirok and  the PNGDF  kicked out Sandline,  solders went to parliament, students barricaded the precincts and soldiers led by Major Walter Enuma went into the people’s house.  They did it for the nation’s interests and they didn’t destroy property.  Major Walter Enuma was mindful of the constitution  when he handed over his sidearm to another officer before going into the PEOPLE’S house.

Mr. Minister,  if the teachers who have been affected by ongoing pay cuts do the same and storm parliament, what then?  Are you going to  send it police to arrest them? Or are you going to give them a public pardon just like you are doing now?

What kind of a message are you sending here?  That we are a nation of rogues supported by the Minister for Police?

I support the fact that allowances should be paid on time.  But Sorry bro, your decision is wrong!

3 comments on “So Jelta, what if teachers protest over pay cuts and attack Parliament House? No action?

  1. Totally agreed with Scott, what a mockery of the country constitutions. Storming and damaging the country’s parliament house without punishment. There should be some sort of punishment to the crime committed.


  2. These group of lunatic officers should be punished for their action. Their frustration and demand for the allowances does not constitute in breaking the law to get your message across.
    Minister Wong, needs to be reminded that world is watching and he does not become the first minister to entertain such demands from law breakers.


  3. How many laws are we following in PNG. Mr minister, are you saying that destroying the people’s house which is an icon for PNG which we are so proud of is not a crime. What a shame. You are paving way for future trouble and it may be worse.Grope up, seek wisdom and make matured decisions..


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