Stephanie fights a Kairuku crab in an epic battle of skill and guts

Had a fight with a Kairuku crab last night. It was an epic battle.

“On Guard!” I called, but the sneaky bugger charged for my toes. By now it was, it was on the kitchen floor with its claws raised and ready to attack.

It was captured at sea, and bound up so well and delivered to my humble abode yesterday.

We were yet to decide on its fate, when it masterfully managed to undo the cuffs and scuttle out of the dungeon’s cauldron.

The knight on duty tried to capture it, but with little experience dealing with the skilled Kairuku opponent, It slip through his fingers, almost chipping off a bit of the knight’s pointer with it.

An alarm was raised, and I was called in, I had my trusty bush knife on my side, a kitchen tong, and a saucepan lid, wide enough to use as a shield.

The battle measured skill, talent (and haircut) and experience and lasted for a good 30 seconds. I managed to blind him with a tea towel and dropped a pot over it.

That was the pot the we used to boil the water in, same speed.

This is the culpit, by the way….


PS. My sister, Stephanie, has a day job at the green bank. But, as stated, she also has crab fighting powers and makes no secret of that amazing fact.

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