PNG Trade Union Congress says it is against the call for strike, says ‘process not followed’

kanauOriginal article can be found here on www.legendfm.net

PNG’s Trade Union Congress has not recognized calls by politicians in the Opposition for a nationwide stop work next week Thursday and Friday.

PNGTUC General Secretary Clemence Kanau explained that strike actions are mandated responsibilities of industrial organizations and can only be called for by Trade Unions and not politicians.

“Strikes are called for by Trade Unions and strikes are synonymous to trade unions.”

Mr Kanau said TUC has been observing what is transpiring up till today and has not resolved or decided on the proposed strike action.

He said until today, “there is no process and procedure been followed to sanction a nationwide strike so any calls by politicians will not be recognized by TUC because they did not enter into any agreement or understanding with the politicians to call for a strike action.”

“I believe the terminology is wrong, maybe the intent by politicians is right but “strike” is not the right terminology to be used,” said Kanau.

Secretary Kanau said when it comes to industrial actions, all processes and procedures under the Industrial Organisations Act of this country are to be followed and the process is simply.

“Notices must go out and union members must vote to give mandate to the leadership to call for a strike action.”

He said “politicians don’t call for strikes, trade union leaders and its membership does.”

2 comments on “PNG Trade Union Congress says it is against the call for strike, says ‘process not followed’

  1. Perhaps Mr Kanau needs to understand that HIS Organisation is responsible for Strike Action in relation to “Industrial Matters” ONLY, and in relation to HIS Financial Members. Politicians, OR anyone else for that matter have the “Right” to Call for Strike Action. His Members are only required to follow certain procedures when they and HE, are taking action against an Employer or an Industrial Organisation representing the Employers. This Strike is not in relation to an “Industrial Matter” and as such every Citizens has the right to exercise their Democratic Rights to Action. Bearing in mind that Employers also have a right to act against the Employee for “Un-orthorised Absenteeism” if they so see fit.


  2. Tessie Tahiti Soi. OBE. MASWJCU

    Why do we have to waste paper, time and comments about who is the right person to call the strike.
    As PNGeans we have the right to express ourselves and who ever calls it is irrelevant. We are too complacent and so the rich get richer and we get poorer.
    Get over it all of you and tell us when to express our rights to better services that is our right.


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