Pay cut victim: “I ask my neighbors to borrow their shavers. I can’t buy toothpaste…”

Edward Tenakanai

My family have been suffering for four  pay days  now.

I am dumbstruck as to why my pay has been cut by  half. Education salaries officers are also not able to clearly explain to me why this has happened.  I have not been able to support my family with certain necessities.

My teenage daughters have suffered mentally because their needs have not been appropriately met. I have to re-use disposable shaving machines together with old razor blades. Sometimes I ask my neighbors to use their shaving blades.

I am also suffering from toothache as I am not able to afford standard toothpaste to brush my teeth. All this is part of my “code of ethics”  to at least look presentable at work.

I cannot leave work to go to education salaries office to follow up on the pay cut explanations because my school is 50km away. It will take me a whole day and my students will be left unattended.

It will cost me K12 per day.

I will also need to feed my family just to list a few. I thank the opposition for calling for the strike. You have heard our silent cry. All teachers must stand hand to support this worthy cause.

We have our code of ethics… but don’t you agree with me that we the teachers have been the ones who have been the honest custodian of it compared to the our superiors?

Stand up and shake this system that has been making us suffer. Do this for yourselves and for our future teachers and most importantly for our families.


Edward Tenakanai is a teacher serving at Boisen in  East New Britain. This story was shared with his permission. 

1 comment on “Pay cut victim: “I ask my neighbors to borrow their shavers. I can’t buy toothpaste…”

  1. Daniel Doyle

    What a desperately sad story. The fact that this has happened over four pays days indicates that nobody cares. What a dreadful indictment of the system.


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