Sorry Bernard Kipit, we disagree with the violent assault on three kids by your City Rangers

First, the tone of the statement is WRONG!

Second, the National Capital District Commission exists because of the PEOPLE OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

Third, the NCDC’s costs are paid by the people the people of Papua New Guinea through the government.

All of the above have to be kept in mind.

The city rangers, (that elite corp of thugs, employed by the NCDC)  should be disciplined by the City Manager for  the assault on two young men and a young woman.

It is unbecoming for  a senior bureaucrat  to APPEAR  defend a criminal act.

Mr. Kipit said in the statement: “…this particular incident is a result of the family’s a  violation of the basic rules…” 

If so, what gives the so called city rangers the right to violently attack  two boys and a girl?  We would expect some level of regret and condemnation  of the actions.  But the mother of the two boys and girl got none from the NCDC boss.

Instead we get a statement defending a violent assault. It is an  embarrassment!

Mr. Kipit goes on: “If anyone violates, the securities will have to defend themselves and defend public facilities.” 

Where did that come from? Is it contained in the NCDC’s by laws?  Is that the ‘APEC-Ela Beach Clause?’

Let’s call a spade a spade. It was an ASSAULT on three kids and everyone who came to help them got assaulted by the NCDC thugs as well.

It would be good to read what their mother  Lucielle Paru wrote as well.

We want  the thugs charged and removed. Simple!

6 comments on “Sorry Bernard Kipit, we disagree with the violent assault on three kids by your City Rangers

  1. Kaycii Amoko

    Firstly they are wrong period. I wouldnt want me or my children to be physically or verbally abused. Id rather be told and Ill comply. They must be held responsible for the medical bills.
    Secondly, the net actions of the general public provoke such reactions from city rangers. We see them working very hard to keep the city clean, yet we see fit to spit and dump rubbish anywhere we want. We need to step up and change our attitude. Have respect for others and respect public property.
    Positivity breeds positivity.
    Justice and a Clean Pom city.


  2. Luciana Roslyn Soanin

    NCDC to pay medical bills. Its only fair. Unprovoked attacks. Bring this thugs to fac e the law.


  3. this guy “Kipit” is a fucking clown !!!!!! A grade three student could write a better response. NCDC has gone to the DOGS.


    • their men will always be right because if they conclude that they were wrong and correct them- by for example- disengaging them, they would riot and that is what they do not want and moreover they need these lot of people(the so-called NCD residents) during elections( the numbers-yu tingim?)….no-one’s dumb here…lol.. we all know it… just help the family by paying for the medical bills… I would advice that we must never go out to ela beach in such times as it is unsafe..if the place is quiet… those are the times that we would be vulnerable to such attacks either by rascals or these so-called rangers… I feel for the victims…


  4. Nevez System

    B. Kipit….u n yo rangers are arseholes….bloody useless primitives….taim blo mipla ol nambis bai kam….m disla taim u na ol wantok mas tintin lo go bek lon peles…Fed Up Papuan…


  5. Unfortunately for the citizens of NCDC and PNG, this so-called City Manager of ours is trying to explain to us that a muruk is a bird and that means it can also fly..what a joke!


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