Open to NCD City Manager, Bernard Kipit, by Lucielle Paru


Dear Mr Bernard Kipit,

I, Lucielle Paru, the aunt and a legal guardian to the following boys. Evan Miria, Naime Miria , John Quinne and Madlyn Quinnie.

These four were walking from Home to the St Mary’s Catholic Church. We are aware the ceach is opened to public on the 12th September 2018. Your incident report does not even anywhere close to the incident in which my children were brutally attacked in.

These children did not drive but were on foot.

Nor were the children drunk.

They had walked down from Konedobu to attend Evening Mass. They were attacked at 4pm not near the Mobil Service Station but further up near to Ela Beach Hotel.

The Doctors Report shows no alcohol in all the four children. They were treated, sutured (Such medical procedures can not be conducted if a patient is drunk) I will be happy to sit with you, my brother Henry Miria and Present Medical Reports to show you the extent of force and brutality used on my boys and you can see for yourself via medical

Reports that none of these children were under the influence of alcohol nor were driving any vehicle. Police Report has been submitted at town. I personally believe your incident report that you have put out in media must be of a completely different matter to the case of my children.

Mainstream media may have advertised the laws regarding the Beach Kindly put a sign board at the Beach.

I look forward to sitting with either you, The Governor, The City Rangers Manager and Police.

Lucielle Paru

1 comment on “Open to NCD City Manager, Bernard Kipit, by Lucielle Paru

  1. Lucielle, just take legal action against NCDC for all the troubles your kids have gone thru. The NCDC is wasting taxpayer’s money on these hoodlums who know nothing about how to look after, let alone, behave and live in a civil society. The NCDC should get their priorities right and start looking at enforcing their own laws on loitering and illegal settlements. Enough of all this political bull_sh**!


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