Morobean guitarist, Adrian ‘Sledge’ Gedisa, shares one of his new tracks

As a big fan of Papua New Guinean metal, I’ve been following the work of Morobean heavy metal guitarist, Adrian ‘Sledge’ Gedisa.

Sledge is a versatile musician able to express himself through various genres of music.

But he truly stands out with his “metal work.” A little over a year ago, He announced a project called Hyer. It is a heavy metal collaboration between various recorded and underground musicians like himself.

I bumped into him at Nadzab airport. While we waited for the same flight I asked about the Hyer project.

He said a few tracks had been released including this one called FALL APART (Hyer Ft. Sprigga Mek).

It’s a collaboration between Hyer/Adrian Gedisa and PNG rapper Sprigga Mek.

No video yet. But the track is a great example of Papua New Guinean ingenuity.

It features an intricate tapestry of musical storytelling by the Sledge himself. If you’re familiar with Adrian’s guitar work, you will know what I mean. You have to listen to it with good headphones to appreciate the complexity of it all.

Please listen to it and if you know a video producer who would be willing to put pictures to this song, let me know.

Hyer 2.0…The Sledge has spoken!


1 comment on “Morobean guitarist, Adrian ‘Sledge’ Gedisa, shares one of his new tracks

  1. Thanks Scot for the update on Adrian’s work. A genuinely talented PNG musician. Looking forward to hearing more of the Hyer project. Cheers.


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