PNG entrepreneur, Jaive Smare, makes buying electricity much easier

You can buy it on FB or Whatsapp or sms with them. You can support your local champions.

appDidn’t know how tired I was, till I fell asleep this arvo on the balcony at Koki, my dreamless sleep unbothered by the smog of mosquitos and other little occupants of koki, launching their various entrepreneurial ventures on the land of poor opportunity called my body.

Tired mentally, bringing the application from months of work till now when its on the market and every afternoon, I watch the numbers climb, or decrease, depending on which key indicator of the dashboard I am looking at. Its hard to believe how hard I have worked on this and seeing it work on a nationwide scale. But there cant be no rest, no self rewarding time out. This truth in itself is exhausting.

I’ve lived my life fast.

No due consideration given to the consequences or repercussions of my actions. No forward planning, no vision of the distant future. I have lived it with one headlight going 300 miles an hour on winding dark road, where the only thing you can focus on is what is in front of you. Its helped me build this. With my poor ability to learn anything new, and my wonderful strength of perseverance and passion for this shit hole of a country called PNG.

This…is an idea. This …is a path. This is something that is way bigger than myself and will out last everything else I have done. EVER. I don’t have any children. I watch my friends teach their kids to fish, or shave, or throw a rugby ball and part of me cant help but feel awefull. I have been able to do what I have done now, because it doesn’t bring me any joy. It is not a passion. It is an answer to something deeply lacking in my life. When I first learnt of the death of Kato Ottio, the shock was immense.

He was young, and had so much infront of him. Yet he died because of a very poor health system. Our young people can’t die like this. I had to do something, but what? I knew how to write some code, about backend development, models and more. I was doing some heavy research in Western Highlands on power theft. When you open yourself to God, something happens. Its not crazy, its just cold. I found myself cold pitching the idea of all the stuff I built for PNG power to the management.

A five  minute meeting ticked into a 2 hour presentation. I had built 8 different applications to show the concept to PNG Power. After they said yes, lets give it a shot, I had to do all the work. Nothing was given to me for free.

I didn’t ask them for money. When the small Papua New Guineans down the line pushed back and invited others to show their power point presentations, I had two choices, quit or fight/work harder. I didn’t let recovering from major illness get in the way. I hacked a system together and did a live test in three  neighborhoods, burning money, reputation and everything on learning curve. And even after it all was done.

It still wasn’t over six  servers, countless new technology, non-stop communicating to their support team, I finally crossed the great unknown to put this application on the market. I know I drove a lot of people crazy. The emails I sent to PNG power are long, badly written and terrible. I had to do this. And now, here we are. 30+ agents across PNG and growing. You can buy esipay now at your community tuckerbox, small time entrepreneur, vendor.

You can buy it on FB or Whatsapp or sms with them. You can support your local champions. You can be part of the change led by PNG Power. I wanted to and I will fix some of the issues that arise with electricity supply in PNG, using our community of change agents. At the same time, at some point this year, we will fix a part of the system that killed Kato Ottio.

I don’t have kids. Not yet anyway. While others can show their kids how to do little things, maybe I can show a whole nation, how to do little things as well. I can tweak the way you think, in such a way, that the obvious answer becomes the clearest path for once. Please support my agents in the community. As you buy esipay from them, remember, you are building a community of change. You can also become an agent. Just inbox me.

Once upon a time, two Sepik sisters planted a small vine in Enga that would forever change the social fabric of the entire highlands, I hope that what I built, with the support of a few people, will have an impact in society as long lasting as the sweet potato. ……


4 comments on “PNG entrepreneur, Jaive Smare, makes buying electricity much easier

  1. Can not located the software, can the link be shared?


  2. Can not locate the software, can the link be shared for us to download? @Jaive Smare


  3. Reblogged this on PNG ICT Meri and commented:
    This is a post I shared on Facebook today about ICT Minister acknowledging and also trying out Esipay purchase.
    Samuel H. Basil is with Dom David Kua and 14 others.
    5 hrs

    I am very happy to promote local software developers. Today, I bought my power from Jivemarket, a system developed by Jaive which I tested in my office to buy power for my house.

    Jaive is a full stack developer who utilised Javascript libaries, Document Database systems, online servers and routers and many other technologies from such companies as Facebook, Amazon, Heroku and others, to build a mobile focused, lite software that can be utilised by SME’s and small entreprenuers to process easipay and other services.

    We need more software development in PNG like Jaives project to give better services to Papua New Guineans. Jaive now has 85 agents all across the country providing easipay at a better rate to locals.

    As Minister I will push for regulatory change to secure the software industry for our local developers to empower SME’s and the software industries in Papua New Guinea.

    Hardworking developers like Jaive plus many others in PNG are changing the game so my ministry will recognise and support such initiatives.

    I will support the development of the local software industry in PNGEAN, so that it creates more Tech jobs and more opportunities for Papua New Guinea.

    If anybody from all over PNG who wants to resell easy pay in their communities just look up Jaive Smare on FB or send him an email jsmare@gmail.com for him to set you up today.

    Caption #1 Mr Smare and myself. Caption #2 Actual image of my Easy Pay order which I payed K100.


  4. Jimmy Kerry

    how do I register to be come a re-seller


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