Home overrun by the nephews and poor aunt gets appointed ‘Band Manager’ | By Stephanie Waide

Picture by Izabell Druma

A few months back, my nephew Richard, requested for a meeting with me on a Friday afternoon, after work. My brief moment of hopeful peace and the splendid weekend high was paused, as I arrived home. I wondered what was so pressing that this meeting could not wait until Saturday or Sunday.

The agenda, was to seek permission to use the yard to do band practice. The Band had only 3 weeks, and that they would be taking part in the Battle of the Bands PNG 2018. They needed a place to store the equipment and instruments, they needed a yard to practice, and they needed assistance with logistics and transport. A short list of many needs for the Band; A Band which I had no idea, had existed until that day.

Richard explained that they had small gigs and were engaged for event set ups occasionally, but they wanted a stage to prove that they were good, so they registered for the Battle of the Bands PNGaudition, a couple of weeks earlier and performed with an acoustic guitar and a keyboard, under the name Tronix. That was my fair introduction to referenced band.

While I acknowledged their love for making music, their excitement, commitment and the richness of the pool of self-taught talented musicians, I was not too keen on letting them make ‘noise’ in the yard. After giving my list of conditions, I reluctantly agreed, as I knew they didn’t have any other place to practice.

My reluctant agreement, promoted me to be appointed Band Manager, well part band manager, as the responsibilities are shared with Richard’s mother.

A classy title, handed to someone with no experience at all, not even a basic job description of roles and responsibilities.

Well needless to say, Tronix Band used the yard to practice for the remaining weeks in the lead up to their first performance at the Battle of the Bands. Tronix is made up of a group of school friends, who identified with each other for their love of making music. Over time, each member built on their strengths in improving their skills in playing an instrument.

Richard used to do the drums, but now takes lead on vocals, Philip Mearu and Lorry Danny play the ‘meanest’ tunes on keyboards, their fingers work wonders, Leroy Danny gives the bass guitar its vibes and Josh Larewa on drums keep the beat.

Vali Johnny, Chris Santo, Chris Ankik and Stanley Ume are on back up vocals and they make sure Richard sounds his best when they harmonise… I say this with happy smile.

In time, the need to smooth out music requirements saw the addition of my younger brother, and their uncle, Shayanne, to join the band to take lead on guitar.

They were one of 20 bands that were selected to take part in the battle of the Bands, shortlisted on the 17th spot.

The first battle, introduced me to how good these children were, when they took the stage to perform. While not at professional level, most of what they show, and the skills they have are mirrored the hours on YouTube tutorials, practice and making ‘noise’ in the yard.

They were ranked in scores and performance, to 2nd on the ladder after their grand performance on the first battle of the bands in Port Moresby in June. You can see a cover version PEREN OH (B-RAD) cover by TRONIX BAND

I am pleased to say, the Tronix Band, will be playing at the Paga Hill festival in September as a registered PNG band. Here is one of their song that has a tune that sticks to you, Via produced by NOCCTRNL. Well here’s to my overgrown nephews and baby brother… It’s September ..Wishing you all the best in your practice, in my yard and the battle ahead.

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