Reporter bleeds from the mouth as villagers attack journos |National Newspaper

Original story: https://www.thenational.com.pg/reporter-bleeds-from-the-mouth-as-villagers-attack-journos/

SOME villagers affected by the volcanic eruption on Manam took out their anger and frustration on the journalists covering the event.
The four reporters had entered Baliau village after visiting
other affected village and were questioned on the purpose of their visit.
Villager Peter Sukua asked them why they were there and why they arrived one day after the volcanic eruption.
He said the villagers would rather see Madang Governor Peter Yama and Bogia MP Robert Naguri.
The National reporter Dorothy Mark said she was stopped by Sukua taking pictures and punched in the face and threatened that her camera would be thrown into the sea.
“While I sat face down and spitting blood, they kicked me until some people intervened and stopped them,” she said.
The journalists were rescued by ward councillor for Dugulava village Paul Maburau and walked for one hour through a bush track.
They arrived at the Bieng Catholic station where they arranged for transportation to Bogia.
Sukua and others were later taken away by police.

3 comments on “Reporter bleeds from the mouth as villagers attack journos |National Newspaper

  1. That is outrageous! I hope Dorothy Mark’s attackers are charged. How do the villagers expect to get help if the news doesn’t get out?


  2. Dorothy is as tough as they come. Bogia Member and Governor should have received that treatment. Unfortunately, we took it out on ourselves. People of Madang.


    • peter paul

      Stupid people…..let them suffer. They don’t deserve any help from government and the public. They should know that what happened is a natural disaster. Reporter were there to help them to get news out so the villagers can get help. But they acted like animals and attached the reporters


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