When all the oil and gold are gone | By Diane Amaka Mandui Mirio

When all Gold, Silver and Oil is extracted from this nation, we will still do what our forefathers taught us.
Teach your children to sit by the fire and listen to their bubus
Teach them to walk barefoot on the sand
Teach them to love their dogs as we were hunters and gatherers before the dimdims brought in rice
Teach them to dress up in their tumbuna bilas
Teach them to use the spade and the bushknife, that is not child labor
Teach them to plant a tree when they go to the village
Teach them not only to believe in what the teachers are saying, but come home and ask what that means in our culture
Teach them not to love all the money they see
Teach them to dream and visualize about nature, the birds and oxygen that costs nothing to them
Teach them to respect and care for the environment
Teach them your traditions and cultural obligations, it makes them know their identity
Teach them to have faith, that tomorrow is in their hands and you’re there to see them through
Teach them to love
Teach them to forgive
Teach them to console for others
Teach them to share
Teach them to ask politely
Teach them to dance to the kundu and the garamut
Teach them to obey the laws of the land
Teach them to balance everything in life

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