Two police officers to be suspended for assaulting 15 year old boy

This is a police statement from yesterday.

TWO POLICE officers will be suspended after allegedly assaulting a 15 year boy, says West New Britain Provincial Police Commander SuperintendentJohn Midi.

The 15 year old boy was assaulted by the two police officers after he allegedly attempted to rob a young woman in Kimbe, West New Britain

“The incident happened three weeks ago but I was not aware of the incident until the matter went viral on social media and Face Book. I identified
the officers this morning (Wednesday 08th August) when I received the video of the incident,” PPC Midi said.

Superintendent Midi said that the matter was referred to the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) for formal investigation.

“We will follow all procedures in dealing with the matter,” Supt Midi said.

The assault on the teenage was allegedly done by the Airborne Tactical Unit (ATU) officers from Port Moresby. The ATU officers are currently
in the WNBP to assist local police curb a recent upsurge in crime and quell a number of conflicts.

The suspect was caught by the ATU team on a routine patrol. He was arrested, charged and released under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA) and
is now with his parents.

“According to the reports obtained from the medical team the suspect did not sustain any serious injuries,” Superintendent Midi said, adding
that the youth will appear in court this Friday.

Mr Midi condemned the alleged assault, saying such reactions from police are unwarranted. He said police are required to use reasonable force
in subduing suspects, not assault them as was shown in the video. He said the job of police is to arrest and charge suspects and it is the courts who hand out punishment.

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