Jelta Wong and Gari Baki, we want them penalised for torturing the kid

The video posted on Facebook and shared on Whatsapp about two armed policemen torturing a teenager in Kimbe is a disgrace to Papua New Guinea and the RPNGC.

The young boy was beaten, stripped and verbally abused.

At one stage, one of the policemen took a sling shot and shot at him on the ground.

I would like the Police Commissioner, Gari Baki to see this. I want Jelta Wong, the Police Minister to watch the video and take action.

We pay taxes and the government pays cops.

There is a way to deal with offenders and this is NOT it.

This shit has to stop!

2 comments on “Jelta Wong and Gari Baki, we want them penalised for torturing the kid

  1. Margo and Barry

    no matter what these uniformed thugs were trying to prove they failed miserably. How can the community or country have any respect for people acting like that?


  2. Kerebi David

    This is torture!! The teenager is not armed, he can not retaliate back. Holding a gun and wearing the Police Uniform does not give you the right to physically abuse a child! I pity the poor mother, wondering if she was there to see her son being beaten badly and heartlessly by these two police men. I wonder if those two men will ever let another men beat up their son like that!! They do not deserve to wear the police uniform. Let Justice be served to them. No man is above the law.


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