Kirap | Poem by Evah Kuamin

“Kirap” is a word in Tok Pisin derived from the English words “Get up.” As a word on its own, it bears a whole set of important meanings. ‘Kirap’ means arise or to awake from slumber. It means to come to a realisation. It means to stand up and be strong or to rise to the challenge.

Embedded in the word is the strength of the Papua New Guinean. ‘Kirap’ get up and stand up because I am here with with you. Kirap is a word used to tell a brother, sister a son or a daughter to arise because the morning has come or the challenge is over and a new beginning is here.

Evah Kuamin and her small family are going through a rough patch in their lives. She gave permission to use this poem which is written for her daughter who is currently undergoing treatment.

I have taken the liberty to translate as best I can for English speakers so they can understand the depth of the poem in Tok Pisin.

Kirap nau (Arise, get up)
Kam na mitupla igo (Come, Come on, let’s go)
Mi weit (I’m waiting)
Kirap nau (Get up now)
Yumi tupla igo (let’s go, the both of us)
Mi weit na mi strong tru (I’m still waiting. I am persistent. I will persist. I won’t stop)
Mi laik harim nek blo u (I want to hear your voice)
Kirap nau (Arise)

Kirap nau (Arise, get up)
Yu lukluk long mi (you look at me, you’re looking at me)
Kirap nau (get up)
Yu smile long mi (You smile at me)
Kirap nau (get up)
Tupla ai blo u soim amamas (both your eyes show happiness)
Kirap nau (come on, get up)
Kam wantaim mi (come with me)

Kirap nau (get up)
Mi weit iet (I’m still waiting)
Lek bilong u into mek nais (I see your legs are moving a little)
Kirap nau (get up)
Mitupla go (let’s go)
Bel bilong mi ibruk (I am heartbroken)

Ai wara pundaun (My tears are falling)
Kirap nau (get up)
Mi harim, mi pilim (I hear you, I feel)
Pen blo u (your pain)
Yu lewa, blo mi stret (You are my heart)
Kirap nau (get up)
Mi nonap mama (I can’t, mama)
Mi nonap (I can’t)
Kirap nau (get up)

040818copyright@ ekuamin

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