Serahphina Aupong: ‘Today, I cannot hold onto the hope that was our future’

Serahphina Aupong shares thoughts about the future.


I live in a time of Papua New Guinea that is uncertain.

I want to be able to confidently say my future is intact.

I have paid my dues, followed the rules I am supposed to now live my dream.

I have loved the way it is right and proper fallen in love with the man of my dreams, the love of my life I have a son, whose future is supposed to be bright and beautiful Just as he is.

But I am uncertain. Will my Papua New Guinea be the paradise I wish it to be?

Will I be able to give my child all he needs to live a life he wants and not one he needs to in order to survive?

I love my Papua New Guinea, but I don’t love the people in it anymore. And if there is no love for the people who are mine. What is left?

It is becoming harder each day to hold on to the hope that once burns.

To say tomorrow will be better as we witness the stronghold that is planted into our very earth each day.

Today, we witness another destruction of who we are as people.

Today, we witness the birth of what we are becoming of things and places and people we do not recognise, we do not accept.

Is this the PNG that we will eventually become?

Today, I am again plunged into the hopelessness that is our future.

Today, I cannot hold onto the hope that was our future.

Today, I hope, will die with the setting sun.

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