How to deal with Cannon’s not-so-smooth workflow

I’ve never used a Cannon camcorder in my 20 years in television. I’ve always trusted Sony for its seamless production workflow and adaptability. Of particular value is the brand’s ability to “plug” straight into a Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing system without hassle.

Last week, however, Russell Saigomi parted with his Cannon XC10 which also shoots 4K video. This a camera that’s a bit ahead of the times in Papua New Guinea. Wonderful still images and super crisp video even if you’re not shooting in 4K.

Steep learning curve.

I spent the whole of Friday trying to figure out how to convert the Cannon’s standard MXF files into FCP friendly ingestable clips.

Unlike Sony, Cannon’s online support is quite limited. ItsXF Utility reads the video clips but I found its functionality quite restrictive. I could not drag and drop from XF Utility to desktop. I could, however, drag and drop to desktop WITHIN the XF Utility.

It wasn’t smooth sailing.

The application still created a CONTENTS folder with MXF clips and other associated data.

After four days obsessing over a solution, I downloaded a trial version of a third party software and was able to convert (after numerous tries) MXF files to Apple’s ProRes 422 codec.

Apart from experiencing a few dropped frames when importing into Final Cut, the video quality of the XC10 is top notch!

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