How #PNG can solve plastic pollution, housing shortages & unemployment in cities

My mind was working in over drive yesterday as we came past Nadzab Airport. The edge of the road is a mess.

The trash – both organic and inorganic – is piled on the roadside. I was thinking about the possibilities of trash as a commodity instead unmanaged waste. It didn’t occur to me that every time you focus on a solution without an immediate one in sight, you will be led to one. I should know better because I preach about ‘help from the universe.’

So the Universe came to help last night…

Going through random videos on YouTube, I simples across a series of videos about ECO BRICKS – ordinary plastic drink bottles filled with plastic trash which are used as a building material.

The Philippines, like Papua New Guinea has a serious plastic pollution problem. They’ve found that making eco bricks have helped to solve both the plastic pollution problem and helped ease the housing.

Using cement as a mortar, the compacted eco bricks become a formidable structure able to last up to 30 years.

Eco bricks have become a community effort involving men women and children. It has given people the opportunity to express their creativity in building and DIY craft projects. It is giving communities incentive to clean up their beaches and environment and see immediate benefits.


1. We can turn our trash into a commodity.

2. We can eliminate the plastic pollution problem

3. We can create jobs and encourage a network of people who collect make and sell eco bricks to community based organizations or companies who can build low cost houses.

4. We can encourage municipal authorities to use eco bricks in the construction of benches and retaining walls.

5. I am sure that the innovation of Papua New Guineans will shine though as they find new uses for eco bricks.

For more information click HERE

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