Maj Gen Jerry Singirok(Ret): SOE is premature and reckless

The MAG 58 Model 60-20 as seen here is one of the most robust, deadliest and effective Machine Guns manufactured both in Belgium and USA. It is an air cooled, piston and gas operated machine gun that uses 7.62mm NATO belt fed round and can effectively engage targets from 200-800 meters and in open country up 1,000meters.
In 1996 after trials the PNGDF under my command bought them for the PNGDF to use. A few went missing in thePNGDF few years ago and I now see them on social media on cabin top trucks in SHP.
I am very concerned if not frightened that the government is sending policemen and women and soldiers to SHP to come face to face with the MAG 58.

The balance of combat power has shifted and a premature State of Emergency appears to be the cheapest, reckless and a knee jerk option by the government.
In 1989 Sir Rabbie reacted to a security situation similar to Mendi and took PNG on it’s knee for 10 yrs. A lost generation, depleted a solid Province with minerals and denied a generation of blessings.
Yet another irresponsible decision along similar path.
Lastly how can the government sustain the PNGDF on prolonged high level intense military operations if it has not invested in air mobility, can not buy uniforms, boots, field gears, ammunition rations fuel allowance etc…

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