Every year, during Mother’s Day, I shed a tear | By Pearson Vetuna

Born during WW2, retired ABC Tok Pisin Service radio personality, recounts memories about his mother.


My mother,  from Rabuana Village,  married a Methodist pastor from Ratavul just before the Japanese invaded Rabaul in January/February 1942.

My father’s first posting after graduating,  as a pastor,  was to Talvat village where the Japanese arrested him in late 1943 early 1944. He  become a Japanese POW after someone reported him of having a Morse code booklet in his possession.

They were  held in appalling conditions in a cave at Tunnel Hill.

While he was in prison, my mother gave birth to me which meant mum had to cope with a first child and running for cover when war planes came roaring in.

I can only imagine what my mother, young and newly married and giving birth to her first born during the bombing of Rabaul, granted liberation was around the corner but she wasn’t to know that yet, was experiencing.

My father passed on in 2009 while mother left us in 2002.

So on Mother’s Day every year, I shed a tear for my mum. Both she and father are gone but they will live on in my heart, especially mother, for mums the world over, are incredibly tenacious yet loving and caring no matter the situation.

So thank you mum. Happy Mothers Day.”

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