India at a glance | By Theckla Gunga

EMTV Journalist, Theckla Gunga, who was in India for a mobile journalism workshop, talks about India at a glance.

Theckla Gunga, cap, bilum and all at a historical site in India

I never imagined that I’d visit India!

Of course, if I had a choice, it would have been Japan, Korea or Vietnam.

But the last five days in India have been most fascinating and interesting.

The first thing I noticed was the apparent was how pedestrians would maneuver their way through heavy traffic to reach the other side.

India’s Capital City, Delhi is as old as the rich Indian culture.

Many of its buildings were built using various traditional styles of architecture. Before the British had colonized India, the land was ruled by hundreds of kings and emperors who built great towers and lived in magnificent palaces.

Remains of most of these architectures still stand tall all over India, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world.

I had the opportunity to visit one of its glorious towers known as Qatar Minar.

This unique tower was built by three different rulers over 30 years. It is 73 metres tall and was built in the 12th century by founder of the the Mamluk Dynasty. In its glory days, this tower acted as a watch tower for the dynasty and assisted rulers to win ancient wars.

About 45 minutes to the south of the Delhi, stands the Emperor Humanyu’s tomb. It was constructed in the 1500s his wife, Empress Bega Begum.

The tomb is the first building in India which was constructed using Red Sand Stones.

Remains of Emperor Humanyu, Empress Bega and their great grandson were all buried here.

The architecture holds a significant place in Indian history.

Much of this ancient history is still being told through stories.

Today there are over 24 million people living in Delhi alone, making it one of the most populated capital cities in the world.

From this 24 million, a larger percentage is made up of very poor people who live in make shift houses on the side of Delhi’s busy roads. Only a relatively small portion of this 24 million live very luxurious lives.

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