New member of the NCD Dog Unit takes down carjacking suspect

(Story borrowed from the Post Courier)

A notorious carjacker in Port Moresby is now behind bars thanks to a newly graduated law enforcer, K9 Kaiser and his partner and handler Constable Brendon Kuamugl of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary dog directorate.

The duo were with other squad members on a routine on-the-job training when they were alerted that there was a car jacking at Waikele, Gerehu stage 6.

The K9 unit responded to the call and were on their way to the scene when the stolen motor vehicle, a red Ford Ranger, sped passed them heading towards the Gerehu swamp.

They gave chase but could not match the Ford Ranger. The suspects numbering five drove in to the swamp area and abandoned the vehicle, escaping on foot into the thick undergrowth.

The K9 unit arrived at the abandoned vehicle and released K9 Kaiser, who was asked to sniff out the escape route that the suspect had taken. It started tracking the suspects with its partner Constable Brendon into the bushes and drains that lead to the swamp..

Constable Brendon said K9 Kaiser was let loose and followed the suspects scent from a distance.

“I followed K9 Kaiser who had picked a scent and was tracking it confidently through the grass on to a bush track and into the bushes again when I head a yell from the bushes, oi holim dog ya plis (hey hold the dog please). K9 kaiser had located the suspect and had attacked the suspect by bitting his left arm and pulling him back towards me.

“Although K9 Kaiser is small in size, the suspect could not do much because Kaiser was all over him and the suspect had to come to me for protection,” said Constable Brendon. “I ordered Kaiser to release him and shouted at the suspect to lie on the ground.”

K9 Kaiser is a general purpose dog, which means she sniffs drugs, tracks suspects and does patrol work. K9 Kaiser graduated at the Bomana Dog Training School last year under the Australian Federal Police assistance program.

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