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EHP honey and spice update: Business interest picking up!

The responses from Tella Loie (honey prodcuer) and Sakarias Ikio (spice farmer) have been more than encouraging! Simply amazing stuff!

Since our visit last month, they have reported a marked increase in the number of visits, the interest and the amount of connections they have developed.

It all came from a few TV stories, blog articles, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

From Tella Loie:

“1. Many new interested persons enquiring on bees… with positive comments.
2. Few have asked for flew in from Pom Thur and back Sat, bought honey & jars to repack and do sales. One from Lae (Fiji) origin bought 10 kilos last Fri.
3. Equipment sales, those only in Goroka and beekeepers.

Otherwise I am positive business is definitely picking up. Revenue increase, yes, steady but I am 101% sure will increase. Many thanks!”

Email from Sakarias Ikio:
Hi Scott,

I’m getting a lot of exposure after your visit, and video news report on March, and later around late April. We have had other visits by the World Bank, the Agriculture & Food Services International Myanmar, the National Newspaper POM, the a Market Link
agency from Lae. And there are also buyers expressing interest for our spices as well.
So we want to thank you so much for that.

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