Two boxes of books donated for the #WestGoroka Primary School library appeal

#WestGoroka Primary School book appeal

A few weeks ago, I put out an appeal for book donations for my old Primary School, West Goroka. This is the update so far…

Jordan Dean I got your box today at Lae International Hotel. It was brought to Lae by EMTV’s Jacob Ilave.

We also got another box of books from #Unitech. Thanks to my dear susa Tabitha Wosse and Augustine Dominic.

The team from #EMTVLae send our best wishes to Mr. Tony Koyangko and the West Goroka Primary School.

Our senior technician in Lae, Maisen Hungito is coming to Goroka with the books.

4 comments on “Two boxes of books donated for the #WestGoroka Primary School library appeal

  1. Scott, I can organise books from Brisbane – but you would need to get them over there.


    • J, thanks, I have not really worked out overseas logistics yet. Would it work if you get PNG bound travellers to drop them off at the EMTV office in POM? Would they be willing to carry small qualities? 5-8kgs?

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      • Hi Scott: No – too much hassle and no time. Airport is far. Ask Freight or shipping people to do one ship. Once you can, I will ask for the books. Ask City Pharmacy and others to ship with their goods. There could be a Tax deduction…Talk also to Tania (Nugent), maybe she and I can help you…Talk soon.


  2. Hi Scott, there is a wonderful organisation in Australia that has been sending books to PNG schools for quite a few years now. The web and FB address is “Books4PNGkids”. Heather works tirelessly for the project and some PNG students from Griffiths Uni in Bne and other volunteers pack them most weeks. Heather just needs the request from the school principal, She can get books to the main PNG ports and Goroka and the schools need to be able to come and get them when they arrive. Let me know if you have any difficulties.


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