Leadership & direction needed to restore confidence in Madang |By Patrick Matbob

"Attempts have been made over the years to deal with the issues however, Madang has faced serious governance issues"

IMG-20180407-WA0005What is needed now is leadership at provincial level to deal with the situation because leadership has obviously failed at local level. In fact, leadership at local level has been problematic for years and largely non existent.

This is not the time to point fingers.

The issues that affect people from South Ambenob and rest of Madang have been festering for years and covers wide issues from logging, illegal settlements, law & order problems in Madang town, harassing and stealing from local people coming to Madang town for services, political infighting, deteriorating services, shortage of police manpower for effective policing and a serious cult problem.

Attempts have been made over the years to deal with the issues however, Madang has faced serious governance issues in both its political and administrative leadership. These issues are coming to the fore because of the leadership vacuum that currently exists in Madang. Madang police who are outnumbered and out-gunned can no longer deal with these issues effectively and are likely to aggravate rather than to solve them.

The beheading of the teacher at Bau in Transgogol, the recent clash between Gonoa people and settlers over the death of a youth, the killing of a local person at Sisiak that resulted in closing down of town water supply are all separate incidents.

However, they are now becoming connected because they affect locals from South Ambenob.

The danger is that it can spread and connect with issues like the collapse of Banab bridge along the north coast and the surrounding areas.

Basically, Madang people are becoming fed up with the situations that are affecting them and are reacting. What we urgently need is strong leadership to address the situation, someone who has the respect of the people to go in with police to talk with the youths and people.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer is a respected leader and can deal with the issue with the help of local leaders and police.

Currently Madang water supply is cut and thousands of people’s health are again at serious risk.

If the situation is not addressed properly, it may spread and affect other parts of the province.

Ultimately, the national government must realize that it may may have to suspend the Madang government and appoint an administrator with powers to address the issues facing the province.

2 comments on “Leadership & direction needed to restore confidence in Madang |By Patrick Matbob

  1. Too true, Patrick. I hope that the MPs of Madang and other provinces can start to listen to the real concerns of people who live amongst our people who share discussions and concerns about the welfare of the people. After all every concern and focus on communal leadership should be people focused.

    Most leaders seem to listen to a small group of people who support them and then sets out his development electorate. All this little group know is convincing the people to vote for their man.

    It would be unfair to this leaders who are working together with the provincial leaders and communal leaders to move projects of service delivery. These people are the ones who are seen with the people and involving the expertise of the people in their communities in making sure that the government funds are used wisely and for the purposes they are intended for.

    There is so much know how and well educated people within most electorate that can be utilised to advance the level of development


  2. Fredrick

    Indeed, the Madang Open MP and Governor should be working together to sort this issue out before it escalates into a crisis. They both have no excuse for not working together to address the other issues regarding the issues related to Madang town.


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